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Health Booster Pack (Currently unavailable)
Pure Maca Powder
Internal Nutrition (previously Bac-2-Health)
Zingiber Zerumbet-Smith
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One Answer to Cancer DVD
Rub On Relief


“Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry”
by Best Selling Author Elaine Hollingsworth

First published in 2000 this latest edition (Twelfth) with just a few minor changes is now available.  If you’re looking for a book that exposes the propaganda the so called experts and multinational companies have been telling us for years, then look no further.
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Available for purchase as the following:

Australia $40 free postage
United States/Canada
United Kingdom
Paperback Bulk Order (10)
AUD$250 free postage within Australia
Other forms of shipping, and international, will be determined based on location. Please contact us for pricing [email protected] 0r phone 07 5530 2860 – 10am -2pm Qld, M-F.
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07 5530 2860

Mini E-Books
Now you can order Elaine’s Mini Ebooks for just $5 – 
Please note: Ebooks will be emailed after processing payment, please allow extra time for this. Thank you.
Elaine’s Mini Ebooks are chapters from her book, ‘Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry’. 


 “Escape the Cancer Mafia”
by Elaine Hollingsworth

In this CD you will learn exactly how to avoid cancer by strengthening your immune system. You will discover eight low-cost, easily-available substances that decrease your cancer risk – one by up to 77%. You will learn about simple substances you can take to protect your body from radiation.

Available for purchase as the following;

AUD $30 free postage
CD (10 pack)
AUD $200 free postage
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CD – USA AUD$30 plus P/H – shipped from/within the USA  

Health Booster Pack – Currently unavailable


118.25ml Cellyte, 500g Maca Powder  and 150g Internal Nutrition

Health Booster Pack
Currently Unavailable


Pure Maca Powder

100% Pure Organically Grown Peruvian Maca Powder – nothing added.

As mentioned in Elaine’s bestselling book, this ancient remedy, derived from cruciferous root vegetables, is highly recommended for those seeking wellbeing and good health.

Note: Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, hormone-related cancers, or men with prostate problems.
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Available for purchase as the following:

500g Pack
AUD$90 free postage
5kg Bulk Pack 
10 x 500g packs
AUD$600 free postage –  Australia Only
International orders please email [email protected] or
phone 07 5530 2860 between 10am – 2pm Qld Mon-Fri
Please phone
     07 5530 2860



Cellyte is the strongest known natural electrolyte. It’s a water soluble, natural organic substance of low molecular weight, which is derived from humis. Cellyte gives your cells and body the nutrients needed in order to function properly and keep you healthy.
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Available for purchase as the following:

118.25ml Bottle
free postage

Bottle x 10

AUD $450 free postage

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07 5530 2860

Internal Nutrition

Internal Nutrition is a totally organic, pre-digested, superfood concentrate, with added elements that are designed to be assimilated into your body quickly and easily.

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Available for purchase as the following:

150g Tub
free postage
150g Tub

x 10


free postage

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Zingiber Zerumbet-Smith

This amazing herb, which grows in the unique soil of an outer Vanuatu island, is finally available in Australia.

Click here to learn about all of its amazing benefits.
We’ve had good news from our grower in Vanuatu – a bumper crop! So, we are able to pass our savings onto you. 
Please note: This price reduction may not be permanent, due to seasonal fluctuations.
Zingiber Zerumbet-Smith Powder 100g
AUD$70 free postage 
Zingiber Zerumbet-Smith Powder 100g x 10

AUD$450 – free postage

Please phone

07 5530 2860

Citizen Distributor Packs

Elaine’s Bestselling Book “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” 

Paperback (10)
AUD$250 free postage
See Bulk order above
Quantities larger than 10 Please phone 07 5530 2860 between 10am – 2pm Qld Mon-Fri

One Answer to Cancer DVD

The information in this DVD could save your life. It could save the lives of countless others as well.

‘Click Here’ for more details

AUD$30 free postage within Australia
(10 pack)
 AUD$200 free postage within Australia                                                                          
 Please phone        075530 2860

USA/Canada AUD $30 plus P and H shipped from US  
Distributors Please phone 07 5530 2860 (for quantities larger than 10) between 10am – 2pm Qld Mon-Fri  

Rub on Relief


When Elaine read about Rub on Relief, she thought it was too good to be true. But, since the ingredients are homeopathic, she was sure that at least it wouldn’t do any damage. She ordered some, and we were all astonished by the amazing pain relief we and our friends have experienced. As people who know our work are aware, Elaine is extremely fussy about anything we recommend. Elaine and all of us can recommend this cream highly.   

 Rub On
We don’t stock the cream. When you click the Buy Now button you will be redirected to The Healthy Back Institute website.
There you will find information for Rub On Relief, and be able to purchase the cream. They currently have an Introductory Price of US$24.95 for one tube, US$69.95 for four tubes or US$119.95 for nine tubes  plus shipping. (Ships from the US)

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