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The solution to adopting a healthful, life-lengthening diet lies not in having shelves of recipe books, but in adopting principles and sticking to them for the rest of your life.
Self-Sufficiency in the Garden

Unless it is grown organically, everything you eat is:

  • Saturated with pesticides
  • Irrigated with toxic chemicals
  • Grown from seeds destroyed by chemical companies
  • Often genetically modified

Assisted by politicians, Monsanto Company (which has my vote for the most evil organization on Earth) has seized control of food production in most of the world.   Their deadly pesticides and genetically modified growing systems are creating world-wide soil degradation, destruction of the birds and bees needed for propagation and starvation in third world countries.   Eventually, and sooner than you may think, this food insanity will also create serious food shortages in developed countries.    That means you!  

These utterly evil conglomerates cannot be stopped.  Our only hope is to grow our own food.   Marching doesn’t do it, writing politicians, who are largely to blame for this, is useless, and complaining to supermarkets is hopeless.   The “bad guys” will, in their zeal to become even richer, destroy the health of everyone but the elite, who can afford organic food, and are probably aware that it is impossible to build or maintain health without mineral-rich food.  This is the way nature meant us to live. 

This is the way we want to live, and we want our readers to live this way.It can be done; we have done it, and you can, especially with help from family and friends.It isn’t easy, and it isn’t cheap to set up, but it will give you the food security you need to survive. 

For more information on living a healthful life read Elaine’s book,

Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry.

Websites of Interest:
Gold Coast Permaculture – Gold Coast Permaculture is a grass roots, not-for-profit organisation.  Their primary focus is action-orientated education and the creation of a more resilient and informed community coupled with the growing of organic food in an urban setting.
Quantum Agriculture – Shabari Bird teaches AGRICULTURE CAN BE FREE – How your local weeds become gifts to your farm and gardens through fermentation processes which dynamically transform them into fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides.
Seasonal Food Guide Australia – Your guide to help you buy the freshest, tastiest and healthiest produce your region has to offer. Buying locally grown produce not only supports your local farmers, it also guarantees you the freshest produce, which imported and interstate produce can’t compete with.

Community Gardens:

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Introducing Soilife Soil Builder and Compost Builder
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