We Get Letters…

Since “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” was first published in 2000, many hundreds of readers have kindly taken the trouble to write about the book and relate their experiences.

Here are just a few of their letters…

Hello Elaine and staff, 

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am today. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago and I was sent to a specialist who wanted to put me on Fosamax. I refused and started taking supplements you suggested; Maca, Boron, magnesium, vitamin D, K2 and eating more calcium enriched foods. I am so happy to say that I just had another bone scan and I have improved my bone density a lot and am no longer considered to have osteoporosis. 

Thank you so much for your research and advice, I will continue this regime and may also take digestive enzymes. I am so very happy and relieved. 

Kind regards, Cate.


Hello Elaine and staff, 

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am today. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years ago and I was sent to a specialist who wanted to put me on Fosamax. I refused and started taking supplements you suggested; Maca, Boron, magnesium, vitamin D, K2 and eating more calcium enriched foods. I am so happy to say that I just had another bone scan and I have improved my bone density a lot and am no longer considered to have osteoporosis. Thank you so much for your research and advice, I will continue this regime and may also take digestive enzymes. I am so very happy and relieved. 


Kind regards, Cate.


Hi Elaine,

RE: The Sun Is Your Friend (Newsletter Dec 2012)

I am a redhead with very fair skin. I’ve stopped getting skin cancers since stopping the sunscreens. When that study came out my sunscreen – the Neways product was suddenly pulled from the market – it’s a shame other sunscreen manufacturers don’t do the same.  I would also add that during my time of the sunscreen use my vitamin D levels got very low. My mother died from a melanoma. We are of Irish descent and she had the red hair and fair skin. Her and my sisters and I don’t tan at all we just badly freckle. Because my mother hated freckles with a vengeance the avoided the sun as if it was the plague. As a result she would have had very low levels of vitamin D also and I believe that this was a contributing factor for her melanoma.

Regarding my husband – a few years ago he was diagnosed with osteoporosis. It came as quite a shock because he is extremely fit from his love of bike-riding – lycra and all! However he spends most daylight hours cooped up in an office and his vitamin D levels were very low. Since following Elaine’s advice about the supplements and minerals to assist the rebuilding of bones, including the use of the hypervibe he has started to reverse the condition. The last two bone density tests showed he now is “osteopenic” rather than osteoporitic with reduced fracture risk. Fortunately he took the path of Elaine’s advice while refusing the drugs recommended by his GP. 

It’s proving quite a battle though trying to warn friends of the dangers of statins – at dinner parties they boast about how low their cholesterol levels. 

I have neuropathy caused (primarily) by a zinc overdose (doctor prescribed!) and I know how important cholesterol is for the health of nerves – including those in the brain. My “peripheral” neuropathy has affected parts of the brain and thus has had a detrimental effect on those nerves (and muscles) controlling posture as well as memory and concentration. Since ceasing the zinc and taking copper (which assists the cholesterol around the myelin sheath, I have been gradually improving. 


My reaction to the comments of those extolling the benefits of statins brings stunned silence. Drug companies and doctors have done a great job brainwashing people to believe that cholesterol is to be more feared than AIDS (or the carbon tax!) I am horrified about the way statins are distributed like lollies when all most people need is a good diet, a little exercise and some stress management. I know of one friend who takes them who is extremely fit and healthy so statins seem to be prescribed as some kind of preventative. I am grateful for the articles about this and I have forwarded them on to friends (I think they still are).

I really admire Elaine for standing up and saying what she thinks about things.


Beth A

Dear Elaine,

I have wondered how many people actually thank you for the difference you make in their lives. Your incredible dedication to the cause of good health, your years of research, your passion for the truth – and all at no little cost to yourself, I am sure.

After spending my formative professional life as a nursing sister I was very guarded in my ‘faith’ in allopathic medicine. Since I was introduced to your book in Tasmania about 9 years ago, I’ve encouraged as many people as I can to buy it, read it and “Take Control of Their Health.” 

Thank you so much Elaine for your loving attitude and all your hard work. You are probably appreciated more than you know. I certainly hope so. My strongest wish is for you to keep good health yourself and to continue to guide and help more people than ever by your wonderful example with your own life – and dedication to TRUTH.

Love and many blessings, Annagrace R

…what was said in the article is true…

I recently read the article on Lugol’s solution in Nexus Magazine. Even though I have been taking Lugol’s for sometime now I decided to triple the dose of the 2% solution and as well first thing in the morning and after 3 weeks I can really feel the difference and what was said in that article is true. Regards from Terry 

…the hospital had given her practically no chance of survival…

Hi Elaine 

My aunt in NZ has had the good fortune of the services of a very good naturopath who administered black salve to her massive malignant tumour on her skull… for which the hospital had given her practically no chance of survival if they had operated to remove it….. 
The tumour eventually came off with the bandage, roots and all…. and she has been cleared for the intervening 10 years.

“Well, Praise The Lord, we found your book.”

Dear Elaine and your team,

I just wanted to say a huge “thank you” for being such a warrior in the fight against the big pharma companies and the medico’s who are causing more sickness in our world than any good.

My husband has been taking blood pressure medication for a number of years. Over the last couple he has been in constant pain, muscles aches, weakness, tiredness, restlessness and dehydrated.  Sometimes having dizzy spells.  Not easy when you cannot even go for a walk without causing pain and discomfort.

Well, Praise The Lord, we found your book.

He stopped taking the bp tablets, stopped eating grains (now this was difficult as he is nearing 70 years) and all pain has gone, as well his trigger finger stopped triggering.  He is a much happier person.

My brother in W.A. also was taking a cholesterol lower drug, he stopped it. All back and neck, and joint pain has stopped.  He can garden and gets no pain at all.  

Coconut oil – wonderful.

I purchased some black salve for my skin cancers.  I have lots of those lovely white patches (not)  on my arms, thanks to my dermotologist, who is a lovely person. But no more. 

I am finding so many people are interested when I start to tell them about your book. Others think I am a “nut”. So this is like a ministry for me in the church I attend.

May God continue to bless you.

Thank you again
31st January, 2012


“Thank you for allowing me to confidently attend my appointment fully armed with information.”

From: Teesh D
Sent: Thursday, 13 September 2012 9:29 PM
To: Elaine H

Hi Elaine

Thank your for latest newsletter (& your DVD “One Anwer To Cancer”). I recently had an appointment at the Skin & Cancer Foundation as a consult prior to them (Dermatologists) wanting to book me in for surgery. I had been, & still am, using Black Salve. They told it was dangerous to use & that it would burn holes in my skin (not!). I asked what they recommended, hoping they would say Aldara, & they did – so I asked them if they were aware that it causes its own cancer, did damage to the immune system & that there was a class action law suit happening against 3M in America ….. the looks on their faces were priceless! I told them I had no intention of using such a horrid cream & that I would much rather take my chances with Black Salve. So far, I have successfully removed about 15 tumours (pea-sized & smaller) from my arms – they would not even look at my jar of tumours! Still got my ear, chest & back to treat. My latest consult appointment at the Foundation with the surgeons was a fear campaign to try to get me to book in for Mohs Surgery – full on pressure – I’m resisting!  Thank you for allowing me to confidently attend my appointment fully armed with information. PS: I have also purchased your book from James Baillie at my local Daylesford market – mind blowing. I am now a vegetarian & trying to alter my body from acidic to alkaline – loving it. 

Kindest regards



       “I found him sitting at the table reading        your book, and thought, wow! He’s in a good place.”

Thank you Elaine, 

May you always be blessed for the work that you do.  I had breakfast with a friend yesterday, that showed me a photo of an aunt in a nursing home, who is 99 years young.  I expected to see a frail old girl, but to my delight, was an elegant suntanned well dressed dark haired (dyed, but what the heck she’s 99) who has lived by the rule that lots of sun is a must for anything or anyone to thrive and be alive, and too much indoors makes you shrivel up and die.  She can’t abide half the other younger residents who from 60 up live by every word of their doctors.   

Further, I witnessed the aftermath of a neighbours death today, and the paramedics trying to revive him, probably more for his wife and family, than for him who having attempted to mow his lawn had collapsed into the veggie patch and looked so peaceful, lying on his back, could there be any better way to go.  On later visiting my father 81 to tell him and really just to see him considering how quickly these things happen, and feeling a little need to touch base, I found him sitting at the table reading your book, and thought, wow!, he’s in a good place.   

Kind regards,
Mon, Oct 10th, 2011 

“I could not live without this amazing publication, 
I use it as a constant reference…”

Dear Elaine

I have just bought your book, as my previous copy was the 7th edition. I could not live without this amazing publication, I use it as a constant reference, and great credit goes to you for the research and work that you have put into it.

Warwick Jenning

“…soon as I started on the selenium, a total change was experienced.”

Dear Elaine

Thank you for your email regarding Selenium. Indeed it is very interesting and I would like to share with you some details of my own personal trial.

In 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was picked up from a mammogram that I had been having for the previous 10 years (after my sister had breast cancer). Fortunately the surgeon did a lumpectomy but it was also in my lymph glands. I subsequently had radiation therapy and I believe I was given a larger dose (if that is possible) as I seem to have so much tissue damage. From then on, each time I would go to visit the surgeon (and I believe he is an excellent surgeon on Wickham Terrace and I do respect him), he would request mammogram, ultrasound and blood tests. This I did six monthly for several years and each time, the radiologist would take extra mammograms because they wanted to be “sure” and extra ultrasound as they said the tissue was so badly damaged and calcified. At that time I was taking Tamoxifen for 5 years. I also ended up with lymphedema in the right arm and subsequently wore an arm stocking for many years after attending the lymphedema clinic at the Wesley Hospital and learning how to manage it. (Incidentally, since I have become a Bowen Therapist, I have learned how to manage it and I have no further trouble).

In 2006, a good friend who is well researched gave me a CD to listen to about Selenium and as I also sell your book “Take Control of your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” and was aware of your opinion of taking selenium, I started to take stockfeed selenium I cannot recall what dosage I took, but after four days a severe pain in my breast felt like someone was stabbing me occurred. I realized I had a temperature and my breast was red. I took colloidal silver and went to bed. Next morning the redness had turned to pink, the pain subsided and I didn’t have a temperature. I continued on with the selenium and colloidal silver and reaffirmed what I had done by checking your book (selenium causes cancer cells to commit suicide”. Each day the breast got better and over the next six months the breast reduced in size by about 1/3 to 1/2 the normal size so much so that I required a prosthesis.

I realized I must see a professional but knew if I saw the Specialist in Brisbane, he would send me for more mammograms and ultrasound and I had only been 3 months earlier, I knew if I saw the local GP he would give me antibiotics and so I sought an alternative GP in Buderim who prescribed selenium drops (Sodium Selenite 800mg) which I have been taking daily since.

To sum up, for 9 1/2 years nothing changed in my breasts although the suggestion of damaged tissue and calcification was always mentioned and then as soon as I started on the selenium, a total change was experienced. All the redness of my breast has gone and it is looking good. I have not been back to the specialist in Brisbane for a few years and I am feeling fine. It is now almost 11 years since the operation.

I hope this information will assist you with your theories etc and I thank you sincerely for all the information I have obtained from your book.

Kind regards, Judy.
Hervey Bay

“…I am awake with the promise of a life with better health, which I can now control.”

Dear Elaine,

Thank you so much.  The Soy chapter alone has had a huge impact in my life and my daughter’s wellbeing.  We are now in the process of throwing out all soy stuff out of our house and out of our lives.  Just 2 weeks ago, after a BRI Scan, my thyroid was all black and I was shocked.  I looked for causes.  Four days ago, I got mail from Catherine, my friend in New Zealand, who sent me photocopies of just 4 pages of your book.  I was so intrigued I googled your name and lo and behold, I found your website. 

I read the chapter on soy, all the references even before getting the chapter  printed out.  We are vegetarians, soy stuff a staple, mind you, until today.  We are slowly going out into fish, after 20 years. I have all the symptoms you mentioned, painful wrists and feet, weight gain no matter what, forgetfullness etc.  My daughter was also exhibiting similar symptoms with a bad case of constipation in spite of a vegetarian diet.

It has been a revelation for us.  Cannot wait to get my hands on your book.  I’m sure it will be an adventure.  What we cannot imagine is the extent of cruelty being heaped upon the human race by the greed of just a few.  We are still going over this and it is staggering indeed.  Yes, I feel I have been put to sleep and duped.  Now, I am awake with the promise of a life with better health, which I can now control.  Thanks to your book.  Do keep on.

Teresita Mapua
Manila, Philippines.

“…ever so grateful…for the relief of a life long burden…”

Dear Elaine,
I just want to thank you for your great book. I have had acid reflux my whole life and now no longer have it at all. I was sent your book by a wonderful friend in Tasmania: Anne Bowden. I am ever so grateful for your stalwart-ness and for the relief of a life long burden that I thought I would just have to suffer through.
God bless you for your courage to state the truth about the establishments system of disease
Cheers and Love from Montana USA.
Brian Emmanuel Grey
I am looking through your book for my next great discovery

…determination and tireless devotion to unearth 
the lies and deception.

Elaine, words cannot possibly express how much I admire the work you’re doing. Your determination and tireless devotion to unearth the lies and deception that are at the heart of today’s health misery is truly unequaled.

You, Lady, are shining the light of truth, in a sea of misery and lies. Because of your book, my 12 year old daughter will never get another vaccination. She will never have mercury fillings in her mouth. Alexandra will have the chance to grow up healthy, and because of your book and the journey I felt compelled to follow, we will be the fortunate ones. For that, I cannot thank you enough!

With total respect and admiration, 
Elizabeth Thode

P.S. All my friends love your book and ask me how I found you. The truth is, God found you for me because I have no idea how your website popped up on my screen that day. Miracles happen. God answers our prayers. He sends us people like you who just won’t stop! Thank you God!

…Toxins in cosmetics…


I just wanted to thank Elaine for her book and especially the information on toxins in cosmetics. I have had to use an expensive and only moderately effective steroid cream for constant psoriasis on my face (which to an 18 y-old girl is very distressing) ever since I was a small child; my doctor told me it was genetic.  Since reading this section I threw out my propyl-loaded oil-free moisturiser and started using a cheap organic one. I have had literally no sign of any psoriasis anywhere on my face ever since.

I called my doctor’s practice and told them but they didn’t want to hear about it!!! This has seriously proven the value of holistic medicine to me and I am hoping to take up study as a naturopath next year.

Thank you so much

Laura French
Floreat WA, Australia

…I, too, had been duped…

Before reading Elaine’s book, as a long-time medical practitioner I thought I already knew all the gimmicks and deception pertaining to the food and health industries. Now I realise that I, too, had been duped – especially in relation to the value’ of soy products. It is so important to know not just what is good for our health, but what brings it to ruin in our everyday life.

David Lerner, MD 
Tweed Heads NSW, Australia


Dear Elaine,

Eight years ago I was diagnosed with Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The doctors put me on prednisone, plaquenil, celebrex, vioxx, ambien for sleeping, and then metrotrexate, a chemotherapy drug for joint pain and swelling. For the last eight years my life has been a misery of side-effects and pain. My husband had to dress me, I couldn’t even get up off the floor by myself, and I had to take eight ibuprophens every day for the pain. I knew that all those drugs were killing me. Then I got your book, and it has been such a blessing – it is the most useful book I’ve ever had!

When I read what you said about lupus and arthritis I was horrified, because I had been doing the wrong things. So, I quickly eliminated all the poisons I had been eating and went on the Dr, Bieler cleanse you describe in your book. After only a few weeks, I’m a new woman. I’m losing weight, I can get up off the floor unaided, and can now dress myself.

People were used to seeing me struggling down the street in a walker or using a cane, and now everyone is amazed to see me walking normally for the first time in years. I own a bath boutique, so I meet people from around the world. Many are repeat customers who have known my condition for a long time. They are astounded by how well I look and how well I’m doing.

The most exciting news of all: my pain is practically non-existent now and I AM OFF THOSE DRUGS THAT WERE MAKING ME MISERABLE! As you can imagine, I am angry with the physicians who did not tell me that lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can be banished merely by diet. I hope you will share this email with as many people as possible, so that others will not have to suffer as I have.

Victoria Paiva
Apricot Rose Bath Boutique
Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center
Pukalani, Maui, Hawaii

Permission granted to use name

…the finest health book I have ever read.

This is the finest health book I have ever read. I recommend it to everyone.

Oswald Rentsch
Director and Founder, The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia

…utterly astounded at the information…

I admire your “guts and determination” to win over these hideous multi-nationals. You are an absolute inspiration to the rest of us that are trying to live a life as “normal” as possible in todays world. I myself have lent copies of your book to numerous friends of whom at some time or another have had a problem or two, and they have been utterly astounded at the information they attained on completion of these wonderfully insightful books. We cannot let such crimminal actions such as the blacklisting of your advertising continue either.

Tammy Prunster 
Karatha WA, Australia

…following your suggestions I have removed 90 – 95 % of the symptoms of FIBROMYALGIA...

Thank you for the effort you put in to researching and writting your book. By following your suggestions I have removed 90 – 95 % of the symptoms of FIBROMYALGIA. Being able to live a mor normal life is a great blessing.

John Mcleod
Dorrigo NSW, Australia

The information has proved to be a wonderful discovery…

Dear Elaine

My initial introduction to Take Control Of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry was via your sixth edition. The information contained in this book have proved to be a wonderful discovery for me, including your guide to several other authors’ books.

I have since been much encouraged by the obvious. improvements in my health. I eliminated soy completely from my diet, and the result – the pain in several joints, fingers and foot disappeared within a couple of months. I had the amalgam removed from my teeth, along with the removal of a root canalled/crowned tooth, and the result – a chronic eye twitch has disappeared, blueness from my gums has disappeared, and I experienced a significant positive change in bowel movement. The latter has continued to improve as I’ve been increasing the amount of raw food in my diet while banishing most processed foods.

I deliberately choose to tackle my health issues one by one which then leaves me in little doubt about how the benefits came about, rather than introducing all manner of changes all at once and never knowing why or how.

I now look forward to further health improvements as I work through your latest edition of your book. Next on my agenda is hormone balancing and menopause…

I’d like to thank you very much for sharing the invaluable information that you have gained.

Christine Doyle
Victor Ch
ang Cardiac Research Institute
St Vincent’s Hospital
Darlinghurst, Australia

Permission granted to use name

…long-term serious weight problems were 
caused by bad advice.

A revelation occurred when I discovered, through Elaine’s book, that my long-term serious weight problems were caused by bad advice.

First, a physician prescribed steroids for a condition I learned could be controlled by diet. These steroids made me feel terrible and led to massive weight gain.

In despair, I then carefully followed a widely advertised weight loss program, but could not lose more than two kilos. For yearsabsolutely nothing worked, and with good reason: the very “diet” foods (such as diet colas) recommended by physicians and so-called weight loss experts were concentrating formaldehyde in my fat cells and making weight loss impossible.

Thanks to Elaine’s book and the Hippocrates Health residential program I kicked the cola and cigarette habit, the weight is falling off, and my mobility has increased enormously.

I even bought 12 books to give to friends and family! I never would have believed it, but now realise that “all things are possible”.

Valerie Ham
Gold Coast QLD, Australia

…blueprint for getting well and staying well.

Elaine Hollingsworth has done a most impressive piece of research in her book, “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry”. This book, which we recommend to all of our patients, is a blueprint for getting well and staying well. The depth of information on the dangers of all soy products is particularly important and should give pause to the many health professionals who recommend it.

Aidan Pargeter
Rotorua, New Zealand

...a new lease on life!

Dear Elaine,
You have given my mother in Germany a new lease on life!  This may sound way out, but I read up on osteoporosis in your magnificent book.  When I checked out the information on Fosamax, I realized the severe symptoms my mother was suffering were side effects of the drug. 
My mother is 80 years of age this year.  All her life she has been extremely fit, even hiking around the Tyrolian mountains in Italy all day long on her annual holidays there.  That was until she got onto Fosamax, recommended by her doctor.  My mother developed such severe joint and muscle pains that she was almost unable to walk.  She would drag herself  up and down the stairs in her two-storey house with excruciating pain. 
Can you believe it — no clues from the stupid doctor! 
Then I rang and translated to her from your book.  I told her to shove the pills into parts of the doctor’s anatomy!
I passed on all the knowledge on the Big Five  you recommend for osteoporosis reversal, including the Pro-Gest from the US, and the Maca and the acid pills, and my mother now walks again and is pain-free. She has just returned from a holiday in Bavaria where she  hiked up to 10km a day!
I truly believe, had she stayed on that drug from hell, her life would have been cut short very quickly, as well as losing her only means of exercise — walking.   She felt she was heading for the wheelchair, without any understanding what was happening to her. 
Here you go, Elaine, I owe you a HUGE THANK YOU!  We are praising the Lord for your book, and your willingness to share your knowledge.   

Chris Muller
Willoughby NSW, Australia

Permission granted to use name

…all the pain went away…

Steroids I took for severe arthritis pains led to osteoporosis. My doctor prescribed the steroids without warning me that they cause bone loss, and without asking about my diet.

Then a friend sent me Elaine’s book. I was horrified: I had been drinking lots of soy milk because all the ads say it is a good source of calcium, and I learned from her that it causes joint pain. Sure enough, I threw it away, drank tons of water to flush it out, and all the pain went away in a few weeks.

Now I’m following Elaine’s instructions for rebuilding my bones. The steroids are in the trash where they belong, and the doctor is history.

Marguerite Smith
Montreal, Canada

…discovered the fountain of youth.

When I read Elaine’s book, I thought, “This is the book that will change my life”. Then, after meeting this stunning woman who has defied the aging process, my faith is solidified. Elaine is astute, vivacious, straightforward and filled with energy.
She has discovered the fountain of youth. I am completely sold!

Ray Cappo
Los Angeles, California, USA

…your book was both scary and empowering.

I must admit, you completely blow me away. Reading your book was both scary and empowering.

I’m a 26 year old French girl living in Australia for just over 3 years, but lucky enough, as I now realise, to have been brought up in New Caledonia. Being a little tropical island, it is still protected from mass communication from big companies, “non-food”, and chemicals.

As you probably know, HRT is really big in France, it’s a part of life and most women see it as a godsend, so reading your findings on HRT was a shock and I didn’t want initially to believe it, thinking you were just an alarmist. Next morning on the early news, surprise, surprise, result from latest research:
“EVERYBODY STOP EVERYTHING — HRT IS LETHAL FOR WOMEN, increases risks of breast cancer by 26%, risks of heart disease by 40%…”

You probably heard it like me, and maybe it made you smile or made you more upset. 
It freaked me out! I’ve spent my weekend reorganising my life and spreading the news. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the time and energy you put in this book – it definitely saved my life and the life of women around me and in my family.I was actually in the process of persuading my mother to start HRT, she’s 52, in great health with great bones. Silly me! Thankfully, she has more common sense than me! SO THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Virginie Sibille
Indooroopilly QLD, Australia

…valuable reference tool…

I think everyone should read this book — it was an inspiration to me and has now become a valuable reference tool for my own personal health regime.

Margaret May 
Federal Member of Parliament 
Canberra, Australia

…I no longer could face telling people lies.

The book confirmed my own knowledge and experiences. I was a general medical practitioner for 18 years but I have given it up because I no longer could face telling people lies. 

Patrick Quanten MD
Independent Health Adviser
Alderney, Channel Islands
United Kingdom

…she’s done it better.

Elaine has written the book I would like to have the time to write – but she’s done it better.

Earl W Conroy, BSc, DC, ND, NZNMA
Chartered Natural Medicine Practitioner
Graham Valley, Motueka, New Zealand

…integrity of her research is impressive.

Elaine Hollingsworth’s tenacious approach and the integrity of her research is impressive. As a woman, I certainly want her on my team.

Patricia Lassalle
London, England

...most valuable book I’ve ever read.

“Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” is the most valuable book I’ve ever read. Thank you for enriching my life, and possibly saving it.

Robert E Alford
Cape May County, New Jersey, USA

…made such a difference in my health.

The first edition of Elaine’s book made such a difference in my health. Now I have the latest edition (the eighth) and I am bowled over!

Elaine carefully explains a ground breaking osteoporosis prevention/reversal protocol. It is a drug-free blueprint for saving our bones! When will doctors wake up and do their homework?

Maureen Nolan 
Ashmore QLD, Australia

…shows us exactly what to do…

We’re all aware of many of the evils of hospitals (such as Golden I staph), and medical practitioners (such as a propensity for drugging, cutting and burning).
Elaine shows us exactly what to do to live long and healthfully and avoid these evils.

Colin Briggs
Brisbane QLD, Australia

…wouldn’t be without Elaine’s wonderful book…

I wouldn’t be without Elaine’s wonderful book, and I recommend it to everyone.

Lorraine Price
Kurrajong Heights NSW, Australia

…clearly and concisely gives a blueprint…

In the past I’ve had to spend hours “educating” my patients in the natural health way of life. Now “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” is doing it for me, and I recommend it to everyone. In this book Elaine takes on the medical profession which, as we know, suppresses natural healing and pushes dangerous drugs.

She reveals how the pharmaceutical giants are poisoning our bodies and our planet, and sometimes falsifying the “scientific” studies which “prove” their drugs safe and effective. Men will be especially interested to learn about widely advertised foods that lead straight to impotence and/or prostate illnesses, and how to prevent/reverse these catastrophes.

She warns about an artificial sweetener responsible for life-threatening illnesses, and exposes government complicity in giving carte blanche to the medical/pharmaceutical complex. Elaine clearly and concisely gives a blueprint for overcoming illnesses naturally and living a long, healthful life.

This blatantly subversive book should be read by everyone. I wonder where Elaine gets her courage!

Michael Curry, BA, DIP ED, DIP ACU, BRT, 
Accredited AACMA
Tweed Essential Therapies
Tweed Heads NSW, Australia

After three weeks … I feel years younger…

Dear Elaine,
I wish to express my sincere thanks to you and your book, which is my “bible”. 

I am 31 and for years I  have thought I needed a doctor to help me live life healthier and longer.  HA!  How wrong I was. 

After three weeks of proudly owning my “bible”, I feel years younger and healthier.

In fact, I have never felt this alive in all my years.  Please don’t back down — you are inspirational to me, and others I’m sure. 

Please accept my sincere thanks and gratitude and know that in Tasmania, the word is spreading like a wild fire.
Karen Morse
Devonport TAS, Australia

Permission granted to use name

…reveals the shocking truth...

The wonderfully enlightening “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” is a health practitioner’s dream come true. It contains all the information our patients need to make better choices in their pursuit of health. Elaine reveals the shocking truth about the commonly prescribed dangerous drugs and toxic food additives that are creating a health time bomb in the developed world.

Elaine is a leader in the crusade for human survival. We gratefully acknowledge the years she spent in researching and making available this valuable information for the welfare of humanity.

Anita Barry, Naturopath
and Peter Barry, Electro-Dermal Practitioner and Remedial Therapist
Benowa QLD, Australia

…bought 24 copies to share…

Because I think this is an important book, I have bought 24 copies to share with family and friends.

Carol Su
Alderley QLD , Australia

…exposes how they profit while damaging our health…

What Erin Brockovich did for American battlers, Elaine Hollingsworth is doing for Australians. Elaine targets the 21st Century malefactors (big business and big government), exposes how they profit while damaging our health, and tells us what to do to help ourselves and stop them in their tracks.

Gordon Hunter
Geebung QLD, Australia

…stop snatching it from me!

I wish Elaine’s book weren’t as marvellous as it is, because then my friends would stop snatching it from me!

Lia Benedetti
Ojai, California, USA

…best thing that ever happened to me!

Reading Elaine’s book was the best thing that ever happened to me!
I was desperate – my digestive system was destroyed, my liver couldn’t detoxify, HRT made me sick (and didn’t help my bad menopause symptoms), my thyroid was dangerously low and I had dreadful pains from osteoporosis.

The doctor said I had the bones of a 90-year-old. I was shaking so badly that I thought I was dying.

It wasn’t easy and it took time, but I followed the rules in Elaine’s book, and now all of the bone pains have gone and I feel completely well.

Stella Gustafson
Parkwood QLD, Australia