Hollywood Film Star Turned

Health Crusader

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The Elaine Hollingsworth Story: From Hollywood to Health Crusader

Movie actress Sara Shane became a formidable campaigner against the deceit and manipulation of the “sickness industry”

While the name may not be too familiar to some of today’s movie goers, Sara Shane’s career was a long and successful one. She appeared in several Hollywood movies and numerous television shows during the 50s and 60s.

Sara was leading lady to both Clark Gable and James Mason, starred in a Tarzan movie and has appeared with Sean Connery, Anthony Quayle, Raymond Burr, Rock Hudson, Carroll O’Connor and Fred Astaire. Becoming a successful businesswoman after her movie career, Elaine has lived in Australia since 1985. Elaine is a Director of Hippocrates Health Centre on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

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The Sara Shane Story

Elaine Hollingsworth’s life crusade for healthy lifestyles had an unusual beginning…

In the early 1950s a beautiful young actress and model, Sara Shane, was at a lavish Hollywood dinner party, chatting with the famous movie star Gloria Swanson. As Sara was about to tuck into a chocolate mousse, Miss Swanson startled her by asking, “You aren’t going to eat that, are you?”

The star explained that chocolate was bad for the liver. There followed a long conversation that changed Sara’s life forever.

For Elaine Hollingsworth, better known at that time under her professional name of Sara Shane, it was to be the beginning of a lifelong campaign to expose the dangers and failings of the so-called health industry and the manipulation and dishonesty of the food and drug manufacturers.

The third photo taken in 2001 (when Elaine was 73) shows, her theories work.