Zingiber Zerumbet-Smith

This amazing herb, which takes many years to mature in the unique soil of an outer Vanuatu island, is finally available in Australia, and we are able to mail it all over the world.

I love this product. During my disastrous experience with the poisonous so-called skin cancer cure, Aldara, I lost huge chunks of hair. Zingiber Zerumbet-Smith brought all of it back, and after a lifetime of straight hair actually made it curly and lots thicker.  I deduced that any herb that could have such an effect on hair, as well as fingernails (mine got much stronger on the powder) must have other wonderful effects on the body. So I Googled it and saw scientific evidence that explained why it improved my general health so much. I believe this herb is one reason I am still alive after being poisoned by Aldara.

The Australian government does not allow me to describe its amazing benefits, but you can Google ‚ÄúZingiber Zerumbet-Smith”, to learn the truth for yourself.

Following are a few excerpts from the scientific data as reported on the above website:

  • Suppresses free radical generation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Suppresses cancer cell proliferation accompanied by apoptosis
  • Counters HIV activity
  • Treatment for leukemia
  • Treatment for tumours

We finally have a reliable source for this little-known herb. It can be ordered through, for worldwide distribution. 

NB: Do not use with blood thinning medication.