Cellyte Product Information

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Cellyte is an organic mineral complex produced from a proprietary extraction of ancient plant matter. This highly improved concentration of the organic mineral complex was developed from newly applied technology. This technology isolates the most active and beneficial fraction of these complexes. So it provides a safe ionic structure that delivers the beneficial minerals and trace elements within a naturally chelated molecule that is balanced and compatible and readily accepted into every cell.

It is in the plant world that the major source of minerals for human nutrition is found. However the controversy about taking dietary supplements is still raging, especially if these are taken in an inorganic form. Macro nutrients as well as trace elements should never be taken carelessly in any quantity.

Recent research has shown that many of the physiological reactions of an organism are blocked and cannot utilize trace elements properly. This malfunction can lead to simple deficiencies or to the initial establishment of disease. If blocking of an organism occurs it is possible to reactivate the enzymes by restoring the trace elements. This has to be done in the form of an ionized solution with extremely low molecular weight and because of this they are also of low molecular size and capable of high degree of penetration into the cells.

Cellyte contains its own unique oscillation pattern, or vibrations, which can be measured in electromagnetic wavelengths. Cellyte can transfer the organic mineral complex information from vibration patterns, or memory, to other systems including living organisms. Cellyte not only has the capacity to revitalize water but delivers the most beneficial mineral complex at the cellular level.

Cellyte can also be used externally.

Why are Cellyte’s crystalloid electrolytic minerals important to your health?

It is common knowledge that the human body is composed primarily of water, but what many people forget is that our bodies contain numerous minerals as well. As our bodies function on a daily basis, it is extremely important to maintain the proper level of these minerals. Unfortunately, Government studies indicate that 99% of people are mineral deficient. While we generally rely on food to furnish minerals, it is difficult to always provide a proper balance, making it useful to supplement our mineral intake. Alpha lyte products contribute a carefully selected group of minerals that will help balance this requirement, provided in a crystalloid electrolytic form.

But why is it important to give the consumer their much needed minerals in a crystalloid electrolytic form?

The simple answers are absorption and delivery. The Scottish chemist Thomas Graham discovered that certain substance could be separated from other substances using dialysis. He gave the name colloid to substances that do not diffuse through a semi permeable membrane and the name crystalloid to those which do diffuse and which are therefore in true solution. Electrolytes are electrical conductors in which current is carried. And since our bodies are electrically charged, electrolytic solution is a quick, effective way to deliver minerals to our body’s cells.

So, it is apparent that crystalloid electrolytes are the most efficient way for our body to deliver and absorb minerals. Alpha lyte products deliver these much needed crystalloid electrolyte minerals to your body’s cells in a rapid, efficient manner to help you maintain a healthy life.

What minerals does Cellyte contain and how do they directly benefit my health?

Alpha lyte products contain over 75 specifically formulated combination of crystalloid electrolyte minerals intended to help supplement your body’s needs. While the exact combination of minerals that we use is patented information, we would like to share important information on some of the minerals in alpha lyte products and their benefits:

  • Organic Copper
  • Manganese
  • Zinc
  • Iodine
  • Potassium

Cellyte contains key cellular elements in an organic form like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and the major and minor minerals essential to nutrition. In all, it contains over 75 elements that were all portions of formally living cells. It also contains micro trace nutrients from living cells including photonutrients, phytochernicals, vitamins, amino acids, natural antibiotics, and other nutrient fractions. Cellyte is the strongest known natural electrolyte.

The science behind Cellyte

With its energy activated minerals it can…

  • Provide you with compacted cell-bite size solar energy, formulated inside living cells.
  • Supply you with an active cellular level nutrient fraction, possessing a very diverse range of benefits for the cell. It is the right size to get into the cell.
  • Reach out and take into its structure inorganic nutrients and carry them into the cell, which otherwise would have great difficulty reaching the cell by normal digestive processes.
  • Increase your cell permeability and nutrient uptake.
  • Stimulate your enzyme functions, providing essential mineral components for the formation of specific enzymes, and also increases enzyme activity.
  • Help relieve your toxic metal buildup by chelating toxic metals from cells and tissues of the body.
  • Balance electrical-chemical needs both as donor and, or acceptor, according to cellular organ needs.
  • Provide you with constant electrolyte charging potential to damaged cells or cells under stress.
  • Help relieve oxygen deficiency, both supplying oxygen from the complex, and as a respiratory catalyst improving cellular uptake and processing of oxygen.

What makes Cellyte superior?

Many manufacturers attempt to extract the complex from humic material with water, or water combined with chemicals (acids or alkalines). All these extractions can yield potentially harmful compounds along with the complex. These compounds characteristically have a harsh unpleasant metallic taste. 

We use plant derived minerals which are a unique and superb source of 70 different minerals. Cellyte is a water soluble, natural organic substance of low molecular weight, which is derived from humus, often found in surface water.

Cellyte aids your cells and body with the nutrients they need in order to function properly. Your cells are begging you for all the minerals that Cellyte has.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How To Store Cellyte?

These are stable products with a long shelf life if stored in the right conditions. The Cellyte should be kept refrigerated or cool once opened. Before opening it may be stored in a cool dark place.

How Much Cellyte Can I Take?

Place 5-10 drops into a glass of water or other liquid 3 times daily depending on your health needs. Maximum of 90 drops adults, 30 drops children per day.  You may place Cellyte directly under your tongue, directly on cuts, on wounds, rashes, skin conditions etc

Can I Take Cellyte When I Am Using Antibiotics Or Other Medications?

Antibiotics and conventional medicines are used to fight infection. But it is now well known that people need more to help support and balance the body to make up for the negative effects of these medicines. Cellyte is completely safe to take while on antibiotics and will not counteract the effectiveness of the antibiotic. Taking it at a different time of day to the antibiotic could maximize the effectiveness of Cellyte.

How Do I Encourage My Children To Take Cellyte?

Try adding the Cellyte to water. You may also choose to place it directly in the mouth. Many infants and small children like the taste of Cellyte. You can work out the best way for your child to take. You can also place Cellyte in any other liquids.

Is It Safe To Take Cellyte When Pregnant?

If you are pregnant you may choose to add Cellyte to your daily routine as it is a great source of vital minerals, and if you are not pregnant it is also a great source of vital minerals. Should you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to consult your natural health practitioner.

With Using Cellyte How Soon Can I Expect To See Results?

Depending on what you are using Cellyte for, you may experience results immediately!