Zingiber Zerumbet Smith
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This amazing herb, which takes many years to mature in the unique soil of an outer Vanuatu island, is finally available in Australia, and we are able to mail it all over the world.

I love this product. During my disastrous experience with the poisonous so-called skin cancer cure, Aldara, I lost huge chunks of hair. Zingiber Zerumbet Smith brought all of it back, and after a lifetime of straight hair actually made it curly and lots thicker.  I deduced that any herb that could have such an effect on hair, as well as fingernails (mine got much stronger on the powder) must have other wonderful effects on the body. So I Googled it and saw scientific evidence that explained why it improved my general health so much. I believe this herb is one reason I am still alive after being poisoned by Aldara.

The Australian government does not allow us to describe its amazing benefits, but you can Google “Zingiber Zerumbet Smith”, to learn the truth for yourself.

Following are a few excerpts from the scientific data as reported on the above website:

  • Suppresses free radical generation
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Suppresses cancer cell proliferation accompanied by apoptosis
  • Counters HIV activity
  • Treatment for leukemia
  • Treatment for tumours

We finally have a reliable source for this little-known herb. It can be ordered through, for worldwide distribution.

Zingiber Zerumbet Smith is a “folk remedy.”
Its effects – when taken in concert with prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and/or illegal drugs – are unknown.   Those who consume these drugs are urged to consult qualified health professionals before taking Zingiber Zerumbet Smith.

Janet was a healthy baby until she contracted meningitis at the age of one.  Her body became rigid and has stayed in the same position since that time. Doctors gave up hope. Her parents gave her Vanuatu Ginger (ZZS) powder when she was three years old. We believe the pictures below speak for themselves.


 8th Oct, 2013                       10th Oct, 2013 23rd Oct, 2013

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Mon, 27 January 2014

I have known for a year or more that, my friend, Annie, who lives in Vanuatu, has breast cancer. In August 2013, the news was not good. Her cancer had spread to the lymph system and the Australian doctors had given up, the tumour in her breast was the size of a fist and breaking through the surface.

During a visit, this month, I watched Annie vigorously working a slasher. I mentioned this to her husband and he replied that Annie had undergone some alternative therapy. The tumour was gone and Annie had regained her usual energy.

I chose to try the treatment for a large melanoma on my leg.


Annie remains cancer free.


I have watched with delight as  the melanoma (or squamous) slowly disappeared from the back of my calf just below the knee. It had become active and I thought the worst but one day, after showering, I noticed part of it becoming detached. Now all that remains is a tiny scar.

The treatment used was Zingiber Zerumbet Smith.

John Putt

** *

Dear Doctors Are Dangerous,


A couple of months ago I bought your Vanuatu Ginger for my hair. Since taking it I have noticed it has increased in volume and I am thrilled. My son, who is still in his twenties, started taking it too, because of a receding hairline. He has also noticed his hair is becoming thicker. He is over the moon. However, I wanted to tell you about some other things I have noticed, and as I have not done anything else different I can only put it down to the ginger. My fingernails are stronger and the striations have gone. For years I have suffered from migraines that could last up to three days. I noticed one coming on, took some ginger, and it was stopped cold.  


I have also had so much more energy of late, I don’t know what else could have done this. Thank you so much. I am truly amazed!



Fiona Pattinson


* * *

Dear Doctors Are Dangerous,
My husband, Reg, is 77. A stroke in 2009, and a second one in 2010, left Reg with loss of short-term memory and paralysis in his left side. Physio helped Reg to regain some use in his left side, but he was left with a bad shaking problem in both hands. His left hand was always clenched tightly and I would find it difficult to unclench his hand. 
The shaking presented a real problem for Reg when eating meals and drinking from a glass. Water was always spilt when drinking out of a glass and the persistence of the never-ending shaking was depressing. 
Reg’s short-term memory was almost non-existent. He would be disoriented in unfamiliar environments and even at home. 
In August 2013 Reg began coughing up blood and his faeces were black with dried blood. We were advised to try Vanuatu Ginger. 
 I mixed 20gms of the powder in about 400-500mls of water, which Reg drank with difficulty, as the taste is not great. 90 minutes after drinking, I noticed an amazing change in Reg. His left hand was no longer closed and he began reaching out for things rather than using his right hand.  The next day Reg repeated the dose followed by 5 days of 10 grams in the same amount of water. 
After the second dose, there was another big improvement in the reduction of shaking in both hands. 
Reg has become less disoriented, and shaking in the hands is almost non-existent. He often comments about how much better he feels and says he is more in control of his actions and thoughts. 
He is now able to prepare cups of coffee and needs less help with dressing himself.  He reads ALL the road signs when we are travelling and often recalls the previous day’s news on TV.  Such things have not happened since his 2010 stroke. These may seem like small things to some people, but are a real encouragement and blessing to me. Any improvement is better than a slow deterioration. 
The coughing of blood has not recurred and his faces are back to normal. 
Reg now takes a heaped teaspoon 5 days a week and we are hoping for continued improvement. 
Pam Givney      

Beerburrum, Q

* * *

Good afternoon,  

I picked up your book to read some information regarding Maca this afternoon, and have lost three hours somewhere! Lol…..That’s the problem when I start reading your book……I find I just can’t put it down and lose all track of time…..but it is so informative….I learn something new every time I read it. 
I purchased your Ginger for both my husband and me. The results have been incredible…..I started taking it to help with hair loss I have suffered…..haven’t seen any results there yet, nor would I expect to after only 6 weeks….but I have a bone spur on my right thumb which is diminishing in size……I can only put this down to the ginger I have been taking. (Am truly amazed) 
Thank you for your time, and thanks again for your wonderful products, as I know, when buying them from you, I get good quality. Your integrity is appreciated.  
Regards, Gypsy O’Donnell
* * *

I have been taking the Ginger for over a month now and amazed at how well it works.  I began taking if for general well being, impaired glucose tolerance and inflammation in the knee.  During this time I also had my 2.5 year old son on it for general wellbeing plus I had read online it was good for parasites (my son attends daycare). 

I initially started with 20g and I am now on 10g a day in tablet form as I struggle with the taste my son gets some sneaked into a smoothie.

The benefits initially I did not notice as such but it was when I went a few days without any and my pain returned I really noticed how much the pain and inflammation in my back and knee had reduced and it had reduced it immensely, I did not need painkillers and felt good.  I feel it has helped my general wellbeing and people have been commenting on how well I look. I had the herb tested on me at Living Balance Centre (Bioresonance Therapy) and it tested strong for me, my son and the owner of the business and she was amazed at how strong it tested meaning it was good for you.

My parents are also taking it and have had similar results; I have recommended it to many friends and family.  I am still amazed after researching the herb just how many uses it has and the many symptoms it can treat.

Jodie W – Ipswich