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Ginger For Health: 100 Amazing and Unexpected Uses for Ginger

Discover the power of ginger!

There’s really nothing ginger can’t handle–from relieving headaches and arthritis pain to improving bone strength to treating dandruff and split ends–and all without the need for dangerous chemicals or costly procedures. With Ginger for Health, you’ll discover all the benefits that a simple ginger root can bring.

Organic Ginger is available here

Lose Weight • Slow the Aging Process • Feel Great. . . and never count calories again! If you are following a popular diet — whether it is low-carb, low-fat, food combining or limited calories — it is killing you. It is breaking down every component of your body, causing destruction of your healthy muscle tissue and aging everything from your brain cells to the skin on your face. But there is an alternative. You can have the body you want without dangerous diets, unproven supplements and punishing workouts.


Breast Cancer and Iodine : How to Prevent and How to Survive Breast Cancer

This book is about cause, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer has two phases. The first one, from abnormal cells up to carcinoma in situ, reverses with iodine. The second phase, invasion, is controlled by connective tissue thyroid hormone.


Why Stomach Acid Is Good for You: Natural Relief from Heartburn, Indigestion, Reflux and GERD

This groundbreaking book unleashes a brilliant new plan for permanently curing heartburn by relieving the root cause of the problem: low stomach acid.

Safe Uses of Cortisol

The current edition of this popular book brings up to date the material that so many readers found helpful in the previous editions. The text has been revised and reorganized with current chapters focusing on the history of cortisol use, sources of confusion regarding cortisol therapy, the significance of normal adrenocortical function, generally accepted uses of physiological dosage, viral infections, miscellaneous clinical conditions, and future directions for research and therapy.

Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills

Ex-ci’-to-tox-in: a substance added to foods and beverages that literally stimulates neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. Can be found in such ingredients as monosodium glutamate, aspartame (NutraSweet®), cysteine, hydrolyzed protein, and aspartic acid.

Citing over five hundred scientific studies, Excitotoxins explores the dangers of aspartame, MSG, and other substances added to our food. This is an electrifying and important book that should be read by everyone.

The Great Cholesterol Con: The Truth About What Really Causes Heart Disease and How to Avoid It

Statins are the so-called “wonder drugs” widely prescribed to lower blood cholesterol levels,  and claim to offer unparalleled protection against heart disease.

This groundbreaking study exposes the truth behind the hype surrounding statins and reveals a number of crucial facts, including: high cholesterol levels do not cause heart disease and high-fat diets—saturated or otherwise—do not affect blood cholesterol levels. Other data is also provided that shows: that statins have many side affects. This hard-hitting survey also points a finger at the powerful pharmaceutical industry and an unquestioning medical profession as perpetrators of the largely facetious concepts of “good” and “bad” cholesterol that are designed to convince millions of people to spend billions on statins. This appeal to common sense and scientific fact debunks common assumptions on what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and diet, as well as the idea that there is a miracle cure for heart disease.

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

An epic study demonstrating the importance of whole food nutrition, and the degeneration and destruction that comes from a diet of processed foods.

For nearly ten years, Weston Price traveled around the world in search of the secret to health. Dr. Price traveled to hundreds of cities in a total of fourteen different countries in his search to find healthy people. He investigated some of the most remote areas in the world. He observed perfect dental arches, minimal tooth decay, high immunity to tuberculosis and overall excellent health in those groups of people who ate their indigenous foods. He found when these people were introduced to modernized foods, such as white flour, white sugar, refined vegetable oils and canned goods, signs of degeneration quickly became quite evident. Dental caries, deformed jaw structures, crooked teeth, arthritis and a low immunity to tuberculosis became rampant amongst them.  

Menopause and Osteoporosis: A-Z guide to natural healing


Alternative Medicine Guide to Women’s Health 1 (Women’s Health Series) (Volume 1)

No longer will women have to put up with their health problems. This book is a woman’s indispensable guide to reversing health problems based on the expert advie of 68 leading physicians. It contains clinically proven alternative therapies for relief from conditions such as infertility, endometriosis, vaginitis, menstrual problems, ovarian cysts and much more.

Hormonal Health: Nutritional and Hormonal Strategies for Emotional Well-Being & Intellectual Longevity


Dr. Colgan’s approach will inhibit aging and improve the quality of life in both men and women. He uses the very latest clinical findings to confirm tremendous benefits from his new hormonal health program of nutrition, exercise and supplementation -new strategies that he claims greatly enhance emotional well-being and intellectual longevity.


The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals

What should we have for dinner? Michael Pollan confronts us with this seemingly simple question and, with The Omnivore’s Dilemma, his brilliant and eye-opening exploration of our food choices, demonstrates that how we answer it may determine not only our health but our survival as a species.


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