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Yes Minister & Yes Prime Minister – The Complete Audio Collection

Between 1980 and 1988 on BBC television and radio, the exploits of the Rt Hon Jim Hacker MP (Paul Eddington) – later Prime Minister – kept the British nation enthralled. Helped – and hampered – by his diligent Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby (Nigel Hawthorne) and his Principle Private Secretary Bernard Woolley (Derek Fowlds), Hacker and his department became synonymous with government bureaucracy and administrative double dealing. 

Sharenthood: Why We Should Think before We Talk about Our Kids Online


In this incisive book, Leah Plunkett examines the implications of “sharenthood”―adults’ excessive digital sharing of children’s data. She outlines the mistakes adults make with kids’ private information, the risks that result, and the legal system that enables “sharenting.”

Plunkett describes various modes of sharenting―including “commercial sharenting,” efforts by parents to use their families’ private experiences to make money―and unpacks the faulty assumptions made by our legal system about children, parents, and privacy.


The Mandibles: A Family, 2029–2047

The Mandibles: A Family, 2029–2047 — Kindle Edition


It is 2029.

The Mandibles have been counting on a sizable fortune filtering down when their 97-year-old patriarch dies. Yet America’s soaring national debt has grown so enormous that it can never be repaid. Under siege from an upstart international currency, the dollar is in meltdown. A bloodless world war will wipe out the savings of millions of American families.



Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Mildred Hayes, a hard-nosed mother is seeking justice for her murdered daughter. With no arrests after seven months, Mildred puts up three roadside signs to goad Ebbing police chief into action. But the law – and especially Sam Rockwell’s hot-headed deputy – don’t take kindly to the provocation.


Pinhole Glasses and the Bates Method: Detective Mouser Answers. Kindle Edition

An amusing diversion, trying to play with the relevant texts, to transform what would be a manual into something interesting from a narrative point of view.

In an ongoing dialogue of questions, answers and jokes, Mouser – a mouse investigator clearly inspired by Disney; his assistant, Swatchson – a mole, literally; and Mr. Askey, a stickler for the facts, all attempt to introduce the reader to issues which are hard and often tedious: such as explanations of the problems of refraction; the perceptual aspects involved in vision, and the use of the so-much-talked-about, and yet misunderstood, pinhole glasses.

Pinhole Glasses available here:

From PMS to Menopause: Female Hormones in Context

This is an AWESOME resource that every woman should have. At times, Dr. Raymond Peat’s writing is a little advanced, but stick with it. Everything will be explained in lay terms and real life application.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause: The Breakthrough Book on Natural Hormone Balance

This revolutionary book about hormone replacement therapy–a classic bestseller since it was first published in 1996–is now fully revised and updated, providing potentially lifesaving facts and natural alternatives to balancing hormones.

Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The Healthy Alternative to Trans Fats

Coconut oil, red meat, and butter—these fats are traditionally considered harmful, but this powerful book, based on more than two decades of research, shows that saturated fats are actually essential to weight loss and health. Eat Fat, Lose Fat flouts conventional wisdom by revealing that so-called healthy vegetable oils (such as corn and soybean) are in large part responsible for our national obesity and health crisis.

The three programs in this book, which features delicious coconut oil recipes, show that eating healthy fats is the answer to losing weight and achieving good health for a lifetime.

Your Thyroid and How to Keep It Healthy

Thyroid problems, especially thyroid underactivity, are on the increase, but notoriously difficult to diagnose. Many sufferers have years of treatment for their symptoms rather than for the underlying problem. In this fully revised and updated second edition of Dr Durrant-Peatfield’s acclaimed book you will learn how to recognize thyroid problems in yourself and how to take an active part in your own treatment. New for the second edition: enhanced emphasis on patient empowerment, more detailed guidance on a natural approach, more detail on digestive and nutritional issues, including food intolerance and candida infection. 

Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats

This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message: Fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet, necessary for normal growth, proper function of the brain and nervous system, protection from disease and optimum energy levels. Sally Fallon dispels the myths of the current low-fat fad in this practical, entertaining guide to a can-do diet that is both nutritious and delicious.



Food Is Your Best Medicine: The Pioneering Nutrition Classic

A fascinating interpretation of how the body functions to maintain good health. It addresses  various ailments with specific nutritional approaches. A pioneering nutrition classic.


The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses


Cancer. Hepatitis. Migraines. Arthritis. Heart Disease. Emphysema. For years, the medical establishment has called these chronic or life- threatening diseases “incurable.” But now, The Gerson Therapy offers hope for those seeking relief from hundreds of different diseases. Juice your way to wellness. One of the first alternative cancer therapies, The Gerson Therapy has successfully treated thousands of patients for over 60 years.


Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It


Learn what forms of iodine you need and why there is not enough iodine in salt. See how iodine can help: breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, detoxification, fatigue, Graves’ disease, and Hashimoto’s disease. Find out why iodine deficiency may be the root cause of thyroid problems including hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer. Discover how to get iodine in your diet and improve your immune system.


Sugar Blues

It’s a prime ingredient in countless substances from cereal to soup, from cola to coffee. Consumed at the rate of one hundred pounds for every American every year, it’s as addictive as nicotine — and as poisonous. It’s sugar. And “Sugar Blues”, inspired by the crusade of Hollywood legend Gloria Swanson, is the classic, bestselling expose that unmasks our generation’s greatest medical killer and shows how a revitalizing, sugar-free diet can not only change lives, but quite possibly save them.

Food Is Your Best Medicine: The Pioneering Nutrition Classic


A fascinating interpretation of how the body functions to maintain good health and addresses all kinds of ailments with specific nutritional approaches. A pioneering nutrition classic.



Conquering the Incurables


Would you put sugary cola, popcorn, and pizza in your vehicle engine? Why not? You say it would not drive well? It might ruin your engine? Then why put strange mixtures of food, chockfull of harmful ingredients, into your body? Conquering the Incurables, by Reigh Parker-Burch, is an everyday guide to getting healthy through the fuel your body burns for energy – food! Not sure where to start?



Ingrid Goes West – DVD



Following the death of her mother and a series of self-inflicted setbacks, young Ingrid Thorburn escapes a humdrum existence by moving out West to befriend her Instagram obsession, a Los Angeles socialite named Taylor Sloane. After a quick bond is forged between these unlikeliest of buddies, the facade begins to crack in both women’s lives — with comically malicious results.


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