During my 22 years as a Director of The Hippocrates Health Centre, hundreds of people have shared their dental horror stories with me. Lately, this has accelerated, and I’m left with the unmistakable conclusion that many of our dentists are either deranged (from working with mercury), or utterly fraudulent. Take your pick. This is partly my doing, as I have warned repeatedly about the dangers of grey, mercury-laden fillings, and readers of my book know that, in order to regain health, mercury must be removed from their mouths.

Conventional dentists do not react well when their patients instruct them to remove these killers. Perhaps because of this, many are removing just the top layer of mercury, covering over the grey with white composite, and leaving the mercury underneath, to continue poisoning their unsuspecting patients. Many don’t even take the necessary precaution of fitting mouth dams to stop the mercury dust from poisoning their patients while they are drilling out the top layer.

Needless to say, these dentists charge the full amount for the shoddy work they do, and are usually not exposed until other dentists discover the truth. At least 100 people have told me this happened to them, and three different dentists have told me that they frequently encounter this and have to do the work over again. Therefore, I strongly recommend that no one ever instructs any dentist to remove mercury unless the dentist is a member of The Australian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (ASOMAT).

This is fraud, pure and simple, and these pathetic excuses for dentists must be outed. So, please, if you have been mistreated by a dentist, let me know. If you have the courage to name the offending dentist, he or she will be put on our website Hall of Shame, to warn others. Remember this, our solicitor has assured us that when people speak the truth, not for spite but for the public good, it is not considered libellous. Don’t be afraid of them! For more information about the danger of mercury-amalgam fillings, click here.

Yours in good health,

Elaine Hollingsworth

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