Mercury Amalgam Fillings

 by Elaine Hollingsworth

Health is impossible in the face of constant, low-level mercury poisoning, which occurs in people with mercury/amalgam fillings. As an example, thyroid abnormalities cannot be righted until amalgams are removed. From the time the mercury is put in your mouth, until the day you die (or you lose the teeth), chewing causes mercury vapour to escape. It then enters your bloodstream and is delivered to all parts of your body, including your brain.

Because of the huge number of lawsuits in the US , claiming mercury-caused damages, it will soon be banned there. In California , dentists are required by law to inform patients of mercury risk. Several European countries have outright bans, and the German government reimburses victims for mercury removal. It is commonplace for dental associations to deny the dangers, due to their well-founded fear of being broken by lawsuits from people they have damaged over many decades. Mercury fillings, unfortunately, are still widely used in Australia , and are still vehemently defended by many dentists. I leave you to determine their motives.

To illustrate the position taken by the ‘regulators’, the American Dental Association made this statement: “The ADA owes no legal duty of care to protect the public… If you are a dentist still using mercury amalgam, be careful. If you tell your patient that it is harmful, you already know that the ADA will come after you.” That’s their way of saying they will revoke the dentist’s licence to practice. “But in light of these new findings if you don’t tell your patient you might now be sued for not providing informed consent.” Scary stuff, and the situation isn’t any better in Australia, judging by the defensive way so many dentists deride the fears of their patients.

The California State Board of Dental Examiners published a warning that mercury is a known toxin that has been shown to escape into the body. The US Environmental Protection Agency classifies mercury filling material, once removed from the mouth, as a toxic waste that must then be carefully handled in special containers, and buried in toxic waste sites.

The World Health Organisation announced that the mercury in fillings leaks into the patient’s system at the alarming rate of 3-17 micrograms a day by chewing. If your dentist pooh-poohs this, he hasn’t read the research.

Prominent American researcher, Roy B. Kupsinel, MD, wrote, “The California Dental Association may be dissolved for their failure to obey a nine-year-old law to inform citizens of the dangers of the mercury-amalgam fillings at the offices of their dentist members. The State of Maine has recently passed such a law. The truth is becoming known by more and more people.” These medical/dental associations are too powerful for our own good. The only way we can prevail is by refusing their dangerous procedures and finding natural dentists and doctors.

Encouraging news has come in from California . Dentists are now required to post this warning in their offices: “Dental amalgams, used in many
dental fillings; causes exposure to mercury, a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. Root canal treatments and restorations including fillings, crowns and bridges, use chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer. The US Food and Drug Administration has studied the situation and approved for use all dental restorative materials. Consult your dentist to determine which materials are appropriate for your treatment.”

This is the first admission by organised dentistry in the United States that amalgams pose a health risk. It has, of course, been well known in most European countries. What a shame that it is 100 years too late!

When having mercury/amalgam fillings removed, stress to the dentist that you want every speck out of your mouth.  Several women have told us that their dentists drilled out just the top layer and filled over with composite to make it appear the mercury was all gone.  These dentists should be taken out and shot! Their victims were unable to reverse serious health problems until the teeth were done over by ethical dentists.

In Sweden , the government actually pays citizens to have their mercury fillings removed in order to eliminate the need to spend money treating them for mercury-caused cancer in the future.  And in Germany , where mercury is no longer permitted, physicians have pioneered the difficult, important work of removing the mercury from the nerves and tissues after it has been removed from the teeth. We need doctors such as these in English-speaking countries, and we could use some clued-up politicians as well.

There are bio-compatible dentistry practitioners throughout Australia who know of the mercury danger and specialise in careful removal. It takes a bit of digging to find one, but it is worth the effort and the expense.

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Mercury, fluoride, industrial waste –
are you sure your dentist isn’t making both of you sick?

There is a lot to be afraid of when you walk into a dentist’s office.