The lockdowns have reminded us that the combination of executive power and bureaucratic enforcement is not good for society. 

But is it a conspiracy? No. It is government anti-business as usual. It is a disaster for all concerned, especially the public schools.

In the 1980’s, the Brits ran the greatest sitcom of all time: “Yes, Minister.” It dealt with the combination of politics and bureaucracy.

The script writers were masters of humour. They were also masters of bureaucratic operations.

Antony Jay was a scholar. He wrote books on management theory, including the best-selling “Management and Machiavelli.”

He also wrote “Householders’ Guide to Community Defence Against Bureaucratic Aggression.”

He was knighted by the Queen. He was a conservative.

Jonathan Lynn was an actor and a director. He directed “My Cousin Vinny.” He was closer to Labour.

I bought the “Yes, Minister” series on DVD. It is cheap. It is hilarious. It is making the lockdown more tolerable.

“Yes, Prime Minister” is also available on DVD.

You can also rent it on Amazon Prime — just right for a Prime Minister.

This will help you make the best of it. Keep a stiff upper lip, the Brits say.

But it’s hard for me to keep a stiff upper lip when I am roaring with laughter.

Gary North