“Take Control of Your Health and Escape

the Sickness Industry” 

Elaine Hollingsworth 
Director– Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia
Foreword by Dr Karen Coates
          Starting Point

  1. That “Mystery Illness” … it’s not all in your head!
  2. Adrenal Insufficiency … the Thyroid Connection
  3. Stomach Acid – Forget the clever ads; it’s acid you need, not an antacid. Available as an ebook $5
  4. Excitotoxins – Deadly chemicals your Government is happy for you to eat and drink
  5. Processed Foods – A convenient way to shorten your life. Available as an ebook $5
  6. Oils and Fats – The facts behind all that industry misinformation. Available as an ebook $5
  7. Bone Health I – Demineralisation … and why most popular osteoporosis treatments are not only ineffective but damaging, too
  8. Bone Health II – How To Build Healthy Bone … with a lot of help from vitamins A, D, K and sunlight
  9. Soy – The Abominable Bean – A terrible tale of corporate greed, bad science, regulatory misconduct… and how we’ve all been conned! Available as an ebook $5
  10. Hormonal Havoc – A close look at the symptoms, treatment and prevention of various hormone-related conditions. Available as an ebook $5
  11. The Menopause – There are safe alternatives to the heavily-touted aids and treatments, like HRT, which do more harm than good. Available as anebook $5
  12. Breast Health – Why prevention, not surgical mutilation, is the way to go; how to avoid becoming a cancer statistic. Available as an ebook $5
  13. Male Sexual Dysfunction – Causes, remedies, and why you should avoid the unkindest cut of all
  14. The Perils of Prostate – What can happen to the prostate gland, and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to yours
  15. Dietary Supplements – The good, the bad, the so-so and the downright dangerous
  16. Against the Grain – The staples that are better left alone
  17. Dental Health – Mercury, fluoride, industrial waste – are you sure your dentist isn’t making both of you sick? Available as an ebook $5
  18. Cancer – Statistically, life expectancy of untreated cancer patients is greater than treated ones.
  19. Water Woes – Tragically, we are exposing people to deadly elements of arsenic, lead and radium, all carcinogenic.
  20. Legal Drugs – Whatever happened to “Ethical Pharmaceuticals?
  21. Vaccinations – At best – useless; at worst – dangerous
  22. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes – your hair, your skin, your lungs, and everyone else’s
  23. Radiation Rampage – Almost inescapable, but here are some steps you can take to protect yourself
  24. Alzheimer’s Disease – On the increase – and often avoidable. Available free with ‘Oils and Fats’ ebook $5
  25. The Banned List – Stay away from these if you want to enjoy a long and healthy life
  26. Remedies – A simple guide to self-diagnosis, and some safe, effective and proven natural remedies
  27. Yes, But What Can I Eat? – Simple, but not easy

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