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Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd
Legalise Medical Cannabis, Australia
We and many other Australians are stunned and outraged. Medical Cannabis is legal in many USA states, and in dozens of countries around the world. It cannot make people "high": it is purely medicinal. 

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Medicinal Cannabis Campaigner Back... Tony Bower, Founder and Director of Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd released from gaol.
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 Australian Government:
Decriminalise the use of Cansema/Black Salve on human beings.

If the Australian Government is truly concerned with the welfare of citizens and their goal is 'to regulate products to benefit the community's health and wellbeing', why won't they look at the thousands of positive results from users.   If they truly support the 'desperate search for a cancer cure', why don't they at least take a closer look?

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An Open Letter to The Prime Minister
Medical cannabis (marijuana) in Australia is an idea whose time has come. Almost every day we hear from sufferers (usually age 50+) of cancer, glaucoma, pain and other chronic ailments -- sufferers who have become aware of cannabis health benefits, envy its legal availability overseas, and ask us why they can't access it here without fear of fine and/or imprisonment.

The following story prompted us to start this petition:
Let me trial medical cannabis, says dying man

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Australian Federal & State Governments:
Do not legislate compulsory vaccinations

"The authority of any governing institution must stop at its citizen's skin."
Legislation that results in forced medications is discriminatory and undemocratic. Parents must retain the right to choose. Parents have the interests of the child at heart and shoulder the caring burden.
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