Don’t Risk Hormone Replacement Therapy

Safe, absolutely natural remedies exist

Shun HRT! Do NOT let your physician talk you into taking these pharmaceutical time-bombs if you value your life. It was known as early as 1940 that a continuous, weak oestrogenic stimulus produced fibromas, then various cancers, in one organ after the other. Contemplate what Raymond Peat, PhD (my favourite biochemist) has to say:

“The concept of a ‘protective oestrogen’ is very similar to ‘protective mutagens’ or ‘protective carcinogens’, though in the case of estrogens, their promoters don’t even know what the normal, natural, functions of estrogen are.

“Pharmaceutical misrepresentations regarding the estrogens rank, in terms of human consequences, with the radiation damage from fallout from bomb tests and reactor leaks, with industrial pollution, with degradation of the food supply – with genocide, in fact.”

Some scientists (those not on pharmaceutical payrolls) postulate that two years after discontinuing oestrogen women return to a normal cancer risk. Others say five. If your physician assures you that, since the introduction of progesterone, HRT no longer causes cancer, run screaming in the other direction.

The “progesterones” they flog aren’t the real thing. They are deadly pharmaceutical imitations called “progestins” and “progestogens”, with many heartwarming side effects, such as migraines, blindness and even death. I think it’s a gross understatement to call these side effects.

Natural progesterone is crucial for female reproductive health and has no known side effects. The highly respected late hormone expert, Dr John Lee, says that if doctors put all women on it, they would have to commit suicide to die! But there is only one progesterone I can recommend, and it is available from the US by mail order (full information on page 180-181 in my book). Take this excellent product and live by the rules in “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry ” and you will sail through menopause without enriching drug pushers and surgeons.

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