All along they thought their level of corruption fell within acceptable community standards….Well, they should think again! 

We love to hear your thoughts and input regarding those that try to take away our freedom and rights to choose. We are sharing them here so they may inspire and give courage, to others, as they have for us.

Your encouragement and support goes a long way in continuing ‘The Crusade’.



On Vaccinations and our right to choose. – from our ‘NO Jab – That’s OK‘ petition 

My Families health is my priority, I don’t make any decision regarding our health & well being lightly and it is with extensive research, discussions with professionals, family & friends that I have made the decision to not use vaccinations. I believe in our freedom of rights as human beings to make these decisions freely for ourselves and our Children without being discriminated against or punished for something that is neither right or wrong. I think the theory of Vaccinations is honorable but I am concerned for the way the Vaccinations are preserved and administered and the effects that this could have on our health, short term & long term. It is with this concern that I made my decision for myself and my Children. We should work together as a society and that doesn’t mean pushing each other out based on our views and opinions on our own health. I agree with protecting our communities & I agree with responsible parenting. I also agree with fairness & equality. How can Children not be accepted into care and preschools based on their vaccination schedule? What is our government wanting to say to them? That they’re not welcome, worthy or part of the community? That they don’t deserve an education because their parent’s made a decision regarding their health? Are we not allowed to decide for our own health anymore? or are our Children now been given an option: Health or Education? Health or Social acceptance? Don’t research, don’t ask questions, don’t have concerns because if you do you’ll be pushed out, is that what you want our future leader’s to be taught as Children? How about we teach them that they are all as one, that they will all be accepted, that they have rights.


Dec 09, 2013, Arthur G

It’s a sad day for this country when govt is taken hostage by the likes of Big Pharma who tell it what is in “our best interests”. Our Govt have failed us, our politician’s have failed us. We must remember all this in 4yrs time. Personally, I think it’s time for a New Party of the People. We have no need of these recalcitrant politician’s who promise all but ultimately deliver **** all.  
Firstly we must break away from our former colonialists & deliver to our people a new beginning where we can actually see the light at the end of the oppressive colonialist’s. 
Wake up Australia & rid ourselves of this perpetual debt we all carry! 

Rgds  Arth.


Jenny C says…

22nd January, 2013

Hi Elaine 
My name is Jenny and I am 35 years old. 18 months ago my skin cancer doctor prescribed Aldara to treat a bcc on my face. After using the cream for one week, I came down with the flu so I discontinued use as advised by the doctor. However one week later after I finished the flu, I came down with a terrible rash all over my body. It was extremely painful and uncomfortable. After presenting to the hospital 3 times, they admitted me saying that I had a severe allergic reaction to something. When I suggested that it might have been the Aldara I was told that there is no way that the Aldara would have affected me in that way. Needless to say I still made the decision to discontinue using the cream. It wasn ‘t until I decided to see a naturopath late last year that I found out about your experience and research. Thank you

Barb F says…

22nd January, 2013

The medicals today want everyone to believe that if they inject a virus – be it dead or live – will strengthen your immunity – but Homeopathy is not a real medicine? Be aware. Be careful. We are led to believe these meds are healing us when actually they are NOT. They suppress. They DO NOT HEAL. Diet changes – unfortunately – is the ONLY hope. Stop the CORN. Stop the SUGAR. Stop the vaccines that cause damage to immunity. For it is immunizations that they are confusing. It is all marketing. Has been since the Polio vaccine damage was found. Most vaccines contain SV40. We are walking time bombs. Tumeric – is what I am taking to help. Good luck and Best of Health to all

Sent: Tuesday, 23 October 2012 1:45 AM

To: [email protected]
Subject: J & J Baby Lotion

I’m probably a bit late, but our baby was always  screaming just after we gave her a bath. That was until I discovered on the back of the  (Johnson & Johnson baby lotion) & shampoo – propyl glycol=anti freeze  sodium hydroxide=caustic soda or drain cleaner and fomaldehyde in disguise as  other chemicals. There were other nasties too but after I identified the first three further investigation wasn’t needed. What sort of monsters would knowingly do  this to newborns & infants??? Please Share. Jake


Sent: Wednesday, 16 May 2012 9:00 PM
To: Elaine H
Subject: Re: Frightening Censorship News

Do keep up your good work Elaine.  TGA are monstors, to do that. It is a free world, and they have no right to impose that on AVN’s freedom to sell a product. Their reason is pathetic. We have a right to know and do as we please. Not happy about this news.

Keep us informed, it is important to know what is going on Elaine. I have your book and DVD. I know many sceptics who have your DVD and they trust what you are saying. 

Kind Regards


Sent: Thursday, 17 May 2012 8:21 PM
To: Elaine H
Subject: Re: Frightening Censorship News

Just who the hell do they think they are?????

I thought that all this type of crap went out 20 years ago…obviously I’m wrong. Shoot all the bastards, that’s what I say!!

I have the DVD, and I’m going to make the stuff just to spite these arrogant shits.

AND I’ll give it to anyone who needs it.

Thanks for making the DVD and the information available. 


Sent: Thursday, 17 May 2012 4:22 PM
To: Elaine H
Subject: Re: Frightening Censorship News

Hi Elaine,

After viewing your Black Slave DVD I cancelled an appointment with my doctor to have a skin cancer removed and ordered a jar of Black Slave.
Within a few days the cancer was gone and it only took a few more days for the wound to heal. What Right do the Government have in stopping the sale of a wonderful product.

BIG BUSINESS controls our Government but I do not believe there is a law stopping the sale of Black Slave. It is just a stand over tactic used by the TGA to control a substance that Big Business cannot make money on.




Sent: Wednesday, 16 May 2012 6:47 PM
To: Doctors are Dangerous

I look forward to receiving this DVD. I have just given the first one away and we will be purchasing more. Please do keep up the awesome work to free, our fellow humans from a
health care system which , frankly….makes us all…quite sick. We wish you every success and protection from any form of obstacle…and hope you realize what an impact you are making, within our community. Well done. 

In admiration, always, Annabelle 

Sent: Friday, 18 May 2012 9:01 AM
To: Doctors are Dangerous
Subject: DVD

Muchos gracias…and I’ll be ‘back’ for more…this information has been SUPPRESSED for far too long…in the ‘Land Of Sun Cancer’?? What the?? Very grateful to you for having the intestinal fortitude to do what you are doing, keep up the fantastic work…always, Annabelle xoxo


Sent: Thursday, 17 May 2012 7:41 AM
To: Elaine H
Subject: Re: Frightening Censorship News

What, are they going to shut all the book shops down too? My god, scary.


Sent: Wednesday, 11 April 2012 1:29 PM
To: Elaine H
Subject: Re: Black Salve Banned

Hello Elaine! 

Thank you for the up date regarding Black Salve,In March of 2011 my 28 year old daughter was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer in her arm, surgeons wanted to amputate her arm, with no guarantee of her survival. Cancer had spread to her breast and towards her liver, we found out about Black Salve via a friend who runs a health store. Black Salve was applied and she has now made a full recovery. Word spreads and others have been cured of this dreaded disease, its absolutely disgusting the Government has banned it. According to doctors we could have been burying my baby girl…sincerest heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff members for having the courage to speak out against these greedy selfish etc etc……Governments.
Fond regards, Jennifer

P.S I wish you all the very best regarding your health Elaine.


Sent: Thursday, 15 December 2011 6:42 AM
To: [email protected]

Hi Elaine / DD,
Thanks for this warning…. 
My aunt in NZ has had the good fortune of the services of a very good naturopath who administered black salve to her massive malignant tumour on her skull… for which the hospital had given her practically no chance of survival if they had operated to remove it….. 
The tumour eventually came off with the bandage, roots and all…. and she has been cleared for the intervening 10 years.

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