By Elaine Hollingsworth

We get many infuriating letters. Here is one example.


My TSH test shows that my thyroid function is extremely low, but my doctor flatly refuses to prescribe the bone-friendly medication you recommend in your book. He wasn’t even nice about it and wouldn’t even read your chapter that I photocopied and gave him.

What can I do?          


Dear Maryanne,

You are not alone! Hundreds of readers have asked the same question. Porcine (natural) thyroid medication is far superior. The evidence is overwhelming, yet many doctors continue to parrot lies of the drug manufacturers, who claim their version is the only good one. They conveniently forget to mention that it causes bone loss, leading to osteoporosis. And guess who wins in the end? The drug manufacturers, who happen to have a drug for osteoporosis, which causes dreadful health problems.

Two chapters of my book are devoted to the near-epidemic of thyroid/adrenal malfunctioning and the physicians quoted are some of the most prestigious endocrinologists in the world. They all recommend porcine thyroid. So, if your physician says my strong recommendation for porcine thyroid is rubbish (as some do) I suggest that you tell him or her to do some serious homework.

Thyroid expert, Mary Shomon, has a website with a worldwide list of what she calls “Top Docs,” who will prescribe the natural version. It is essential to find out first if your thyroid function is low, and how much is needed to restore your health. Do not attempt to self-medicate.

Up until recently it was possible to purchase porcine thyriod without a prescription from the following website:

Unfortunately now, Australian customs may prevent you from claiming it without producing one. 


This information is not intended as medical advice. I encourage everyone to make their own health care decisions, with advice from qualified professionals.

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