Six Steps to Better Health


 Few of us drink sufficient water. Eight glasses per day is the minimum, and will go a long way toward curing illnesses that physicians prefer to suppress with dangerous drugs. Not coffee, not tea, not juices and, emphatically, not soft drinks. If you wait until you feel thirsty, your cells have already suffered from dehydration. Without sufficient water, your body has no way to eliminate toxins and waste, or the histamines that cause allergies. Hydration will improve your skin, plumping it out. Dehydration creates an imbalance of minerals, and disrupts hormone balance.


Raw is preferable. Bear in mind that we were not evolved to eat cooked food; our primitive forebears lived on a diet of mostly raw food for millions of years. It is hard to eat all raw, but at least be sure to eat a salad before eating cooked food. This will get your enzymes perking so they can cope better with the cooked food that follows.


Wheatgrass (baby wheat) juice, high in vitamin K, is an important body cleanser and natural food. Since Dr Ann Wigmore discovered its nutritional qualities in 1960, the juice has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world overcome serious health problems. Chlorophyll in wheatgrass juice has been found to increase the functions of the heart, vascular system, intestines, uterus and lungs. It also disinfects, can reduce the effects of radiation, contains liquid oxygen, which promotes clearer thinking, and helps to stop cancer cells from growing because of the abscisic acid it contains.


Henry Bieler, MD, taught me how to make what I think is the best liver cleanser, other than adopting the Hippocrates diet. It is ideal for illnesses when fasting is not viable. It is known as Bieler Broth, but it isn’t broth – it is a purée soup, and it goes down beautifully when people need to clean themselves out. It’s also a delicious and healthful all-purpose soup at any time.

All you need is an approximately equal amount of green beans, celery and zucchini, and enough pure water to cover. Cook until soft – not crunchy. The object is not to provide vitamins and minerals, but to relieve the liver of its congestion and restore it to normal function. The organic sodium and potassium in these vegetables is ideal for this purpose. Puree the cooked vegetables and all the water in a blender, and if the celery is stringy, press it through a sieve. Do not add seasoning, but parsley may be added for flavour after cooking.


Before bathing, rub your body briskly all over with a special skin brush or a rough wash cloth. Spend at least five minutes on this and your pores will open so impurities can escape.


  • Maca, an ancient Peruvian remedy which is derived from cruciferous root vegetables. It is highly recommended in Nature and Health Magazine for those seeking hormone health and general wellbeing.
  • Cellyte, which is the strongest known natural electrolyte. It’s a water soluble, natural organic substance of low molecular weight, derived from humus. Cellyte gives your cells and body the nutrients needed in order to function properly.
  • Internal Nutrition, a totally organic, pre-digested, super food concentrate, with added elements that are designed to be assimilated quickly and easily.