Selenium: Prevent and Cure Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer feels like a stream of ice to the heart.   But there is one thing that is even worse than hearing such horrible news:  It is what the medical profession has in store for victims of this scourge, which now strikes one out of three in the Western world.

In Big Pharma–Big Medicine countries, doctors are forbidden by law to recommend any natural therapies for cancer.  Only the Big Three: radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are permitted.  This, in spite of their dismal track record, and the damage they have been proven to do.

 Surgery can disturb and spread cancer cells, radiation is itself a known cause of cancer, and chemotherapy is terrible to endure and deadly for the immune system.   The bottom line is that establishment medicine has failed cancer victims miserably.  The former president of The American Cancer Society agreed, and said when he resigned, “Statistically, life expectancy of untreated cancer patients is greater than treated ones.” 

So, what to do?  Prevention, of course, is the only sane way to deal with cancer, and that means taking the best possible care of yourself and your family.  (See my Banish Cancer CD.)  But once it’s too late, and a doctor has pointed the bone at you (as witch doctors do in Africa to frighten enemies) you will not be able to find a doctor to try to help you naturally. 

 The “cure” word it right up there with a lot of other four letter words.  It  has become a one-way ticket to jail, or loss of licence, for  health professionals who try to help patients without using the cruel burn, poison, mutilate “cures” so loved by conventional oncologists, who earn billions in one of the most lucrative professions on Earth.    The brutal truth is that they do not want you to avoid cancer, and they certainly don’t want you to treat it in a non-toxic way, if you have it.   Once the word gets out about ways to avoid getting cancer and ways to get rid of cancer, they will have to learn to do without their fancy cars and all the other perks of making huge amounts of money. 

During my lectures at Hippocrates Health Centre I’m often asked what I would do if I heard that awful news from a doctor.  Yes, that could happen.  Health nuts can get cancer.  After all, it is impossible to completely avoid pesticides, air pollution, electromagnetic radiation, and the depleted uranium the Howard Government permitted the US to rain down on our country a few months ago.  

 I will tell you exactly what I would do, and hope the government won’t put me in jail for recommending a safe cure.  (There, I said the “cure” word, and I’m shaking in my sandals).   This is exactly what I would do:  I would find a doctor willing to give intravenous vitamin C, with magnesium chloride.  But I would lie and tell him/her it’s for general health, and never mention the word “cancer.”  I would do a complete detox, with lots of wheatgrass, which I can do easily, as I live at Hippocrates Health
Centre.   Those who are not so fortunate can grow it themselves, or they can come to the centre and learn optimal health maintenance.   The centre, however, does not claim to “cure” anything.   We merely provide an environment, and information, so students can learn ways to encourage their bodies to heal themselves.

I would take large amounts of selenium — way over the RDA.   This may come as a surprise to many people, and especially to doctors, but not to farmers, who have   known the importance of selenium for the health of their animals for many years. Selenium-deficient soil, and therefore feed, causes degenerative diseases in stock, including cancer.    And Australian soil is extremely low in selenium, as is the soil in many other countries. 

Selenium, in the form of Sodium Selenite, is an important part of supplementation for the health and productivity of breeding stock.  Sodium Selenite drench is also used to prevent and cure animals of cancer.

Farmers who know selenium cures cancer in their animals have successfully treated themselves after being diagnosed with cancer.  In spite of this, the sale of Sodium Selenite for human consumption has been prohibited for years.  Or, perhaps it’s prohibited because of its success in treating cancer.   After all, as mentioned above, natural cancer cures are anathema to Big Medicine, Big Pharma, and the governments who are heavily under their influence.  

The officials say it is dangerous for humans to take large amounts of selenium, and claim that the public must not be allowed access to it.   But this is self-serving balderdash, and is not backed up by science.    I know of many cases of people with “terminal” cancer curing themselves by taking 5000 to 6000 micrograms  per day of Sodium Selenite, “for animals.”   And they have taken the liquid, long term, by mouth with no untoward side effects.  A man who had inoperable prostate cancer that had spread to his bones told me he was totally cured by intravenous selenium.

 There are so many stories such as this, and it is nothing short of criminal that people are obliged, when ordering it, to say it is for their Rottweiler, or their horse or their sheep.   I encourage people to research this themselves.   There is a wealth of credible information on the Internet and as long as the public ignores it, Big Pharma and Big Medicine are guaranteed continued success. 

But don’t just take my advice.  One of my favourite physicians, American Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD, a man with courage and conviction, has written a superb essay on this subject.  He confirms what Australian farmers have known for many years about this extraordinary cure (I said that word again!)   But it’s not just a cure – it is also used for prevention of cancer.   I encourage everyone to copy and save his article, just in case the worst happens.   Click here to read Dr Miller’s informed medical opinion on the safety and efficacy of this essential mineral. 

We don’t sell Sodium Selinite.    If you wish to purchase it (for animals) go to, or [email protected].

Yours in good health,

Elaine Hollingsworth

Disclaimer: The recommendations in this e-zine are based on research and personal experiences of the author. Because we are all different, readers are strongly urged to check with qualified health professionals before implementing any suggestions made in this e-zine.

There is always a possibility of risk where matters of health are concerned; therefore, readers should not use this e-zine unless willing to assume that risk.  It is a sign of wisdom to seek second, or third, opinions when making important decisions regarding health.

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