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Hormonal Health: Nutritional and Hormonal Strategies for Emotional Well-Being & Intellectual Longevity
Michael Colgan 

For the first time in history, medical science has gained sufficient knowledge of human functioning, to understand how the hormonal cascade that flows from your brain controls the structure of your body, your energy, your emotions, even how well you can think. By simple maintenance of your hormonal system, using nutrients and non-toxic amounts of certain hormones and other compounds, it is now possible to extend healthy human life by at least 30 years.
The No-Grain Diet 
Joseph Mercola 
In The No-Grain Diet, Dr. Joseph Mercola, teaches readers how to lose weight-and keep it off-and end carb cravings once and for all. With a revolutionary new approach that goes beyond the practices of Wheat Belly, Dr. Mercola will have readers on the road to good health in just three days with an easy-to-follow plan that rids the body of grains, sweets, and starches.
Tooth Truth 
 Frank J. Jerome 

Groundbreaking research that looks into the risks of using mercury and other metals in fillings and the degenerative diseases that can result.

Health and Nutrition Secrets
 Russell L Blaylock MD

Learn how the chemicals and compounds you encounter every day can lead to unexpected health complications and life-threatening disorders. Health and Nutrition Secrets presents the latest information about strokes and heart attacks, diabetes, protecting the digestive system, and the best ways to keep the immune system young and powerful. New revised edition has chapter on: ‘The Role of Fats in Health’.
Solving the MS Mystery: Help, Hope and Recovery 
 Hal A. Huggins 
If, unfortunately, you have Multiple sclerosis, or if you know someone who does, this definitive work in the field of autoimmune diseases, will be just what you have been looking for. Hal A. Huggins DDS, MS, had promised that, after treating 1000 MS patients, he would write a book detailing the Protocol that has worked to reverse autoimmune diseases. This is that book. If you are frustrated and discouraged from hearing that there is nothing but pharmaceutical drugs you can take or you are exhausted from trying strange and costly treatments, take heart. This book quotes scientific journals and is based not only on scientific studies and biochemistry but also on the experiences that Dr. Huggins has had with his MS patients over the last 33 years.
A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases 
 Max Gerson M.D. 
In 1958, based on thirty years of clinical experimentation, Dr. Max Gerson published this medical monograph. This is the most complete book on the Gerson Therapy. Dr. Gerson, who developed the Gerson Therapy, explains how the treatment reactivates the body’s healing mechanisms in chronic degenerative diseases. The book incorporates extensive explanation of the theory with scientific research and the exact practice of the therapy, as well as a presentation of fifty documented case histories. Also included is a modified version of the Gerson Therapy for use with nonmalignant diseases or preventative purposes.
Dangerous Grains: 
Why Gluten Cereal Grains May Be Hazardous To Your Health
 James Braly M.D. and Ron Hoggan M.A. 


Dangerous Grains turns the U.S. Food Guide Pyramid upside down by exposing the myriad health risks posed by gluten grains (wheat, rye, barley, spelt, kamut, and triticale). The authors, leading experts in the field of food allergies, and celiac disease, present compelling evidence that our grain-centered diet is to blame for a host of chronic illnesses. Largely misunderstood and frequently misdiagnosed, these disorders can be prevented and reversed by the useful program outlined in this important new book.
A Shot in the Dark
 H. Coulter

Traces the developmnet of the DPT vaccine, describes its risks, and lists warning signs that a child may be sensitive to it.

The Schwarzbein Principle: 
The Truth About Losing Weight, Being Healthy, and Feeling Younger  
Diana Schwarzbein and Nancy Deville 

This groundbreaking book dispels the myths perpetuated by some bestselling diet books that may help people lose weight, but will put them on the fast track to disease. Based on sound research and the success of thousands of people, The Schwarzbein Principle proves that excess weight, degenerative disease and accelerated aging can be controlled – and reversed – in a healthful way.
What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM): 
Premenopause: Balance Your Hormones and Your Life from Thirty to Fifty 
John R. Lee and Jesse Hanley and Virginia Hopkins 
I’m too Young for Menopause-So Why Do I Feel Like this? You could be experiencing unexplained weight gain…fatigue…mood swings…loss of libido…fibroids…tender or lumpy breasts…endometriosis…PMS…infertility…memory loss…migraines…very heavy or light periods…cold hands and feet…or a combination of these symptoms. You may have been told they’re “nothing,” or stress, or even menopause-and offered surgery, antidepressants, or prescription hormones. But the startling truth is that you may be suffering from premenopause syndrome-and there are simple, safe solutions. When John Lee wrote the groundbreaking What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, younger women started asking if natural progesterone could help them, too. In this book Dr. Lee, with women’s health expert Jesse Hanley, M.D., brings you a revolutionary nonprescription “Balance Program” to restore your gynecological health, energy, and sex drive-and even slow the aging process before menopause, and beyond.
Natural Progesterone: The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone
John R. Lee 
Written especially for doctors and other health care professionals who want the scientific details and biochemistry behind the use of natural hormones. A gift every woman should give her doctor!


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