Don’t Be Seduced by the Glossy Ads –

eating polyunsaturated oils is like injecting 

liquid plastic into your veins

For the sake of your health, stay away from margarine. During the many chemical processes used to manufacture this product, hexane and carbon tetrachloride are used as solvents, and traces remain. To achieve a butter-like consistency, hydrogen gas is bubbled over a nickel catalyst, saturating the fat and rendering it more artery-clogging than butter. Amazingly, many doctors still recommend this stuff for prevention of heart attacks!

These chemical insults create an odoriferous black goop which must be bleached and deodorized with even more chemicals. Then artificial flavours, dyes and preservatives are added. The result is a plastic, chemical, non-food which your body does not know how to deal with or detoxify.

What you will read regarding oils in this book is not what the food chemists want you to know about, or what the expensive ads postulate. This information flies in the face of the “conventional wisdom”, which may be conventional, but certainly isn’t wise: all of the oils which are now promoted as healthful are not. In fact, they are dangerous. In order to maintain your health, shun these hyped, manufactured, oxidised, chemicalized products.

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