Duncan Roads, Editor of Nexus Magazine, has been printing the truth without fear or favour since 1990. We strongly support this magazine, and urge every concerned citizen to do the same.  The following letter from Scotland on diabetes is an example of the kind of information found only in publications such as Nexus, which are unafraid of Big Pharma and Big Government.  

Re:  Curing Type 2 Diabetes 

Dear Duncan:  A year ago I was faced with the same diagnosis of type 2 diabetes as your correspondent from Japan in the latest issue of NEXUS [vol.14, no. 4].  

I was threatened by my doctor that if I didn’t follow his advice exactly, I could expect to lose my sight and/or my limbs-if I didn’t die of a stroke or heart attack first.  He wanted me to take Metformin and possibly insulin, blood pressure tablets and cholesterol-lowering drugs for diabetes that, according to his nurse, was “raging out of control”.  But if I followed his advice, I could eat whatever I wanted and lead a normal life.

My elderly diabetic neighbour had just died under this doctor’s idea of diabetic care and another “star patient” across the road was blind and had part of her foot amputated.  I came home, ditched the tablets and switched on the computer.

On the NEXUS website I found a half-remembered article called “The Diabetes Deception” and put its advice into immediate action.  Researching those tablets I had thrown away, I discovered that they had been aggravating the diabetes.  But this alone was not enough to bring complete sugar control, although it did bring a significant improvement and I knew it might be months before my pancreas healed properly.  Further research led me to the Atkins approach to diabetes that severely restricts the carbohydrate portion of the diet to about 40 grams a day.  This combination approach was little  short of miraculous.  

In just days, my fasting sugar dropped from 22 mmol/L to 6 mmol/L and my already blurred vision returned to normal.  The awful and very painful peripheral neuritis in my feet disappeared over the next few weeks with the addition of vitamin C and vitamin B complex to help heal the damaged nerves.

I lost five stone [31.8 kg] in excess weight without effort over the next six months and my blood pressure also returned to normal.  I took none of the doctor’s recognised medication and finally threw it down the loo where it belonged.

My 40 grams of carbohydrate a day I choose to take in the form of milk and fresh fruit.  I can now have the occasional treat, from which my pancreas recovers without being overwhelmed by the experience. I nominate three days a year when I ignore all the rules and eat exactly what I want-including a whopping great portion of double chocolate ice cream!  The next day my sugar levels are normal.  I have given up rice, wheat, corn and potatoes and no longer miss them.  I am never hungry.

What I have learned from this is that type 2 diabetes is an unhelpful and inaccurate diagnosis.  Much more helpful is the notion of pancreatic exhaustion following years on a diet of processed carbohydrates. Carbohydrate intolerance is a growing problem because the major food retailers devote most of their shelf space to cheaply manufactured and heavily processed carbohydrates that deliver huge profits and an indefinite shelf life.  That, together with the denatured oils and fats they also sell,  accounts for the explosion in type 2 diabetes in countries following a typical Western diet.

So thank you, NEXUS!  I believe that learning to think outside the box and giving me valuable information from which to start has not only cured the diabetes but probably saved my life.

Beth B., Scotland, UK
From:  Nexus Magazine; Volume 14, Number 5;  August-September 2007;                                          www.nexusmagazine.com               

There are excellent books on curing diabetes naturally, as well as articles and excerpts from books, including this one from “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry”:

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) counsels their members to fill up on carbohydrates. They also recommend drinking as many diet soft drinks as desired, so any other advice they offer should be regarded with suspicion – if not disgust. I know why the ADA pushes diet drinks – the industry funds them and they are suitably grateful. But why such reliance on grains when it is well known that diabetics do so much better without them? Could it be that the United States Department of Agriculture is also a sponsor?

When diabetics embrace the Hippocrates diet they do amazingly well. The reason for this is simple – the toxic load of rubbish food, and particularly grains, is eliminated and many report feeling ‘reborn’. Diabetics need to stay away from grains, eat loads of vegetables, good concentrated proteins, and the right kind of fat.


 Yours in good health 

Elaine Hollingsworth 

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