Monsanto Madness

After the March


Despite 2 million people from 52 countries, in 436 cities participating in the ‘March Against Monsanto’ world event, it received little media coverage in Australia. While Channel 10 gave it a fleeting mention in its news broadcast, Channel 9, Channel 7 and the ABC failed to do so. Australian newspapers appear to have ignored the event entirely.

This lack of media coverage is proof positive of the absolute power of Monsanto. This media blackout should be the inspiration we need to take action. We need to use ‘people power’ to release the stranglehold that this corrupt corporation has over the information that ordinary people receive about issues that will directly impact on their lives.


It is what happens after the march that is most important. An annual event can increase awareness but it cannot make the changes that are needed to bring Monsanto down.

Keep The Message Alive

  • Keep visual reminders in obvious places
  • Share ‘Monsanto’ horror stories with others
  • Post Monsanto facts on social media
  • Get involved in planning new events
  • Keep up to date about Monsanto activities
  • Investigate the history of Monsanto
  • Familiarize yourself with companies who support Monsanto

Be active in your opposition

  • Boycott all Monsanto products
  • Boycott all companies affiliated with Monsanto
  • Download the “Buycott’ app for your smartphone
  • Name and shame Monsanto & GMO products
  • Email companies who use GMO products
  • Write to government agencies withdrawing your permission for them to buy and use Monsanto or GMO products
  • Tell your council and body corporates that pesticides like Round Up shouldn’t be used to control weeds

Make changes in your own life

  • Buy certified organic foods
  • Use as many locally grown products as possible
  • Sign up to farm-to-table websites like
  • Advocate for GMO labeling
  • Grow your own crops
  • Plant food not grass
  • Eat fewer processed foods
  • Stop eating supermarket convenience foods
  • Stop using fast food restaurants