Angelina Jolie is Misinformed 

by Big Medicine

Angelina Jolie’s recent announcement that she has had “preventative” double mastectomy disappoints those of us who support natural prevention and healing strategies.  Because of Jolie’s influence, and the huge media attention this barbaric “treatment” has received, many misinformed, frightened women will now consider it essential to lop off body parts and replace them with implants, just to stay alive. Any mention of the role of diet and lifestyle in cancer prevention will, we fear, be unheard by millions.

As Elaine has said so many times in seminars and in her book, she never heard of anyone having cancer until she was 22 years old, in 1950. Since then, gradually and inexorably, cancer rates have risen, and it is now considered unavoidable.  But cancer isn’t inevitable; it is caused by lifestyle decisions that the medical establishment refuses to acknowledge and the media have censored for decades.   

Fortunately, the “bad guys” can’t censor the internet or stop Elaine’s crusade. All the information people need in order to stay healthy is right there, between the pages of her book, so people who really care about their health and survival, and who don’t want to be mutilated by Big Medicine or drugged by Big Pharma, can learn how to escape the sickness industry.   


Do you already have the book? If so, please pass this newsletter on to friends or family who may have been influenced by Angelina Jolie’s experience.