We sent this letter to Tony Abbott on 2 December 2013

An Open Letter to PM Tony Abbott

Medical cannabis (marijuana) in Australia is an idea whose time has come. It’s a frustratingly complex issue, though, since both the Commonwealth and State governments have jurisdiction. 

As you know, access (under medical supervision) to quality-controlled cannabis is legal in many countries worldwide, as well as a majority of US states. But Australia remains stuck in the last century. 

Almost every day we hear from sufferers (usually age 50+) of cancer, glaucoma, pain and other chronic ailments — sufferers who have become aware of cannabis health benefits, envy its legal availability overseas, and ask us why they can’t access it here without fear of fine and/or imprisonment. They’re a steadily growing demographic, and we can’t give them an answer. 
Licensing and taxing medical cannabis suppliers and users could also provide a substantial revenue stream to governments — as the US Government happily discovered after relegalizing alcohol in 1933. In addition, growers in rural and even urban electorates could be major beneficiaries. 
Medical cannabis users don’t even have to get “high”. The most healthful way to ingest cannabis — with no psychoactive effects — appears to be simply juicing cannabis leaves. 
And, at last, Australian government advisory bodies and mass media are advocating medical cannabis legalization. We’ve sent this message to our Federal and State MPs, as well. This is an idea whose time has come. We ask your help. We await your positive response.  

Ronald Bradley         Elaine Hollingsworth  

Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia   
Mudgeeraba 4213

We ask you to send this message to your family and friends, and to your State and Federal MPs.


Let’s make some changes!

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On 14 January 2014 The Courier Mail reported the following:

Campbell Newman gets behind medicinal cannabis

PREMIER Campbell Newman has called on federal health authorities to investigate the possible trial of medicinal cannabis.

Mr Newman yesterday said he had an open mind on the issue and would like to see its use explored.

“I am perfectly prepared to accept that hemp has potential to create drugs or treatments that might have a medical benefit for people,” he said.

“I believe this is something the Therapeutic Goods Administration or the National Health and Medical Research Council should be looking at.”

Mr Newman said patients were treated daily in hospitals with drugs derived from opium, which also makes heroin.

His comments come after maverick LNP backbencher Jason Woodforth called on his parliamentary colleagues to back such a trial following a case in Victoria where a young epileptic girl made a miraculous recovery after her mother treated her with medicinal cannabis sourced from Nimbin.

Yesterday, Mr Woodforth welcomed Mr Newman’s support and said he hoped more of his colleagues would be of the same mind when he raised the issue at next month’s LNP party room meeting.

“An open mind is exactly what us politicians should have,” Mr Woodforth said.

“I’ll certainly be raising it in the party room, talking to MPs and saying: ‘Look, what’s your thoughts?’ “

Mr Woodforth said some of his colleagues had contacted him yesterday after he went public with his plan to push for a trial and described the ¬≠reaction as “overwhelmingly positive”.

Mr Newman said he did not have a problem with his backbencher raising the issue but ultimately it was not a call for the state.

“It’s not for us in Queensland to make a call on this, it’s for those national bodies,” the Premier said.

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We support Premier Newman, and urge PM Abbott to adopt a new cannabis policy appropriate to 21st Century realities. We urge you to notify your state and federal MPs of your support, as well.

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