Don’t waste time poring over ingredient lists when choosing supplements. They lie! I discovered this the hard way, and I don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

In Australia, the contents listed on bottles and packages represent only the active ingredients. This is legal (although it shouldn’t be) because manufacturers are not obliged by law to list the inactive ingredients. Sometimes there are as many as five or six unlisted ingredients, and if one or more disagrees with you, tough luck, or so the government and manufacturers seem to think.

When choosing vitamins and minerals it is essential to be vigilant.  This, unfortunately, is hard to do because many manufacturers stonewall and refuse to name their unlisted ingredients, except under pressure.  When I discovered that there isn’t one safe vitamin D3 in Australia, I solved the problem this way: I sent to the US to BIO-TECH, a firm I know and respect. They have a superb D3, they list all ingredients, and there is nothing in it that isn’t safe. An added plus – – even with shipping and our dollar woes, they are more economical than the Australian D3s.   If you have read my book, you know how important vitamin D3 is for your survival, and if you haven’t, click here to learn the truth. 

More bad news:  Many people, myself included, have been taken in by Eagle Pharmaceutical’s MACHLOR, a popular magnesium supplement.   After weeks of phone calls, the company finally owned up to the “hidden” ingredients (five of them!) and I then understood why I had experienced unpleasant symptoms since taking them.   Don’t let this happen to you —  these are not isolated cases!   Protect yourself, because the government and the manufacturers are not going to do it for you!