Multinational giant Monsanto is one of the biggest threats to both mankind and the Earth. They have the capability and ruthless drive to destroy the world’s natural biodiversity and food supply. Why? Purely for their own profit!

Click here to read an eye-opening article which includes video clips on how Monsato is threatening to destroy agricultural biodiversity.

Did you know seven out of ten items now on our supermarket shelves have been genetically modified? Folks, this is more than disgusting. It’s outrageous!

Here are some suggestions on how you can avoid GM products

  •  Abstain from processed food products 
  • Use fresh, locally grown, organic food stuffs 
  • Practice basic food preparation 
  • Read produce and food labels carefully

Genetically modified foods will become one of the most significant challenges you will ever face. If you haven’t given this topic any serious thought before, please start now. I would suggest complaining to the government, if our politicians were not all under the control (and dare I say in the pay?) of the multinationals. As it is, it’s useless. Newspapers are hopeless, too, as most of the media is owned by the bad guys. All we can do is BOYCOTT GM foods, and let our supermarkets know the reason. Money talks!

Yours in good health

Elaine Hollingsworth

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