Golf is perceived as an excellent sport for exercise and recreation. Have you ever considered some of the hidden dangers linked to turf sports? Read this recent revealing article below.

Diabetes: Why golfers are more likely to become diabetic
19 June 2008

People who like to get out on the golf course for a round or two thinking it’s good for their health are actually increasing their chances of diabetes.

Researchers have discovered that the pesticides commonly used on golf courses and other public areas can double the risk of diabetes. Pesticides that contain the chemical trichlorfon are especially associated with diabetes, and are to be added to the other known risks, such as obesity and diet.

Trichlorfon is an organo-phosphate insecticide that is used by professional groundsmen to maintain turf, such as golf courses, and it is also sold to the public. Not surprisingly, the greatest at-risk groups are gardeners and others who regularly work with the pesticides.

Researchers from America’s National Institutes of Health estimate that the risk can be as high as 200 per cent in workers who are exposed to the pesticides for more than 100 days in their working life.

(Source: National Institutes of Health: http://www.niehs.nih.gov/news/releases/2008/longterm.cfm)

I’d like to add my two-cents to this article. Remember, if you snack while playing on turf (including bowls) be sure to wash your hands before touching your food. And, be sure to remind your children that this danger exists in their playing fields. We Australians pride ourselves on being outdoorsy and athletic, but we need to be aware that Big Pharma, and their dangerous pesticides, can quietly damage us and our children.

Yours in good health

Elaine Hollingsworth

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