Most of the people who attend the Hippocrates Health Centre program ask us for constipation cures.    It seems this is really a hot topic, thus the subject of this e-zine.    Read it in good health, and let me hear your success stories. 

Elaine Hollingsworth


by Elaine Hollingsworth

What Causes It?

An under active thyroid gland
Poor diet
Lack of exercise

Does It Really Matter?

You bet it does!  Don’t listen to any health professional who claims we are all different, and that it is perfectly normal to move the bowels every day, or two or three times a week.  That is balderdash:  a good clean-out every day is essential for health and happiness.   But how to achieve that, after a life-time of strain, struggle, grouchiness, and that yucky feeling? 

What Is The Solution?

Get your thyroid gland perking
But, please, if you need medication, only take the natural thyroid.   It is known as “porcine.”    Big Pharma-influenced doctors push the synthetics, which damage the gland  eventually, and  cause osteoporosis.    (See Chapter One of my book for full details.)

Get your dietary act together
Eat according to the rules in my book.   If you don’t have it, then eat the way you know, in your heart of hearts, is healthful.   That means no junk food, no sugar and no fried food.   Keep your grain consumption low, and your raw vegetable consumption high.   Fresh apples are helpful, but only organic ones:  better to be constipated than poisoned by pesticides.   If you must snack, let it be on dried, soaked fruit, not crisps and sugared treats.   Bad news:  milk, cheese and chocolate are extremely constipating.

Get off the couch and get outside!
  I’m not advocating pavement-pounding.  Swim, cycle, or walk in good shoes.  If weather forbids, rebound or walk smartly in place.    Start slowly and work up to a brisk pace and then don’t mosey – strolling doesn’t count.  Get cracking!

Drink at least two litres of water each day
Yes, it’s boring, but do it!  Set up a routine, with a bottle of water on your desk or wherever you can’t forget about it.  Your bowels and your complexion will love you for it.

Get off drugs
Almost all drugs are unnecessary, once poor diet is corrected, but you may have to get professional help to “kick” them. Our drug culture is wrecking the health of those who buy into it.  Get them out of your life and watch as your health improves.    Your doctor may not approve but, hey, it’s your body. 

What if none of the above helps you?
Then it’s time to bring out the big guns.
Take hydrochloric acid to ensure your food is well digested and properly assimilated.  (See Chapter Three of my book for directions and contraindications.)

Take magnesium chloride to bowel tolerance, and continue taking it routinely, as it is an essential mineral.  “Bowel tolerance” means you will need to lower your dose when and if diarrhoea results.    And, if that doesn’t work, it’s time for the ….

Take Nicotinic acid.   Now, this is nothing to play around with, so proceed cautiously.    Get a bottle of Nicotinic Acid (not Niacin or Niacinimide) from your health food store.  This is essential:  you want the flushing version, the one that causes a flush all over your body and makes you feel quite warm, so do not let them talk you into the version that does not cause a flush. (Thompson’s makes a 100mg tablet.)

Then, play it safe and start small.  Take one-half tablet before breakfast, or even less, until you find your correct dose.  Your goal is to produce a “niacin flush” without being too extreme.   If a small dose does not produce a flush, you will need to take a bit more the next morning.

To illustrate how powerful Nicotinic Acid is, it magnifies the effects of any drugs and supplements you are taking.  This means you will need to watch your doses carefully. For example, if you are taking large amounts of magnesium to cure constipation, you will soon discover, perhaps the hard way, that only one magnesium tablet is necessary, as the Nicotinic Acid creates vasodilation, bringing nerve supply to the entire body, including the bowels.

Because of this, bowels that have been sluggish for decades, some even from childhood, suddenly start perking up and are able to move normally, without any prodding from laxatives.  The combination of small amounts of magnesium and Nicotinic Acid is the finest cure for intractable constipation that we know about.

So many victims of Aldara, the deadly skin cancer “cure” that creates havoc in the body (for details see our website), have such severe bowel damage that they are unable to move their bowels at all.   Many have been reduced to having colonics several times each week, and were never able to return to normal movements until they were helped by the vasodilation Nicotinic Acid produces. 

There are contraindications:  do not take Nicotinic Acid if you have pending surgery, liver disease, diabetes, stomach ulcers, or diverticulitis.  As for dosage, expert advice would be comforting, if you can find it.  If not, you will need to listen to your body.  Some people have reported that after a few morning doses of just 100mg, their bowels started functioning perfectly, after lifetimes of constipation.  But do not take large doses —  1000mg per day, or more, is known to cause problems.

Throughout my book I make hundreds of references to nutrients that are vital for health.  If I had had the space, in each instance I would have underscored this caveat:  No nutrient, whether from food or supplements, will be of significant help to your health unless it is efficiently transported to the cellular level. 

In other words, you can choke down a wheelbarrow full of doctor or naturopath-prescribed “miracle workers” and they will not produce the hoped-for miracle.  They will simply go through you and out to the fishes, probably doing damage on the way.  This means that it is essential to get your interior environment functioning as nature intended, and ready to absorb and utilise the nutrients it has been craving for years, probably decades, and most likely for your entire life.      Nicotinic Acid can lead the way. 

(In cases of persistent constipation it is wise to consult a physician to rule out blockages and any sinister problems.)

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