Every month we get hundreds of phone calls and emails from desperate people, mostly women, who are unable to get relief from the debilitating symptoms of hypothyroidism. This is a crime, as untreated hypothyroidism leads to severe health consequences, and relief is as simple as a tiny tablet – Armour Porcine Thyroid.

But Big Medicine is so indoctrinated by Big Pharma, that most doctors refuse to prescribe this safe, effective remedy. Instead, if they prescribe anything at all, it is a synthetic tablet that has been known for decades to cause osteoporosis, and doesn’t even improve thyroid function, long term.

Does your doctor refuse to believe you when you tell him your hypothyroid symptoms? Does he treat you like an imbecile when you tell him your early morning underarm temperature is extremely low, and try to convince him that this is a sure indication of extremely low thyroid function? Does he rely instead upon the discredited TSH blood test, which has replaced the old-fashioned test described in my book? Has an endocrinologist brought you to tears with his uncaring, arrogant attitude? Are you at the end of your tether?

Help is at hand. If you cannot find a knowledgeable doctor, and if you are absolutely certain your thyroid is low, there are things you can do. First, click here to read a life-saving article on iodine, (Lugol’s Solution) which is necessary for thyroid health. Lugol’s is becoming more and more difficult to find, due to the machinations of Big Pharma. They don’t like it because it is an inexpensive, effective remedy that cuts into their profits.  

If your thyroid function is too far gone to come back with just Lugol’s, the next step is to get your own Armour Porcine Thyroid tablets. Here we need to make an end run around our often backward, uncaring medical system, and take matters into our own hands. Natural thyroid can be purchased with a prescription from – 

Jack Hammond

Ph: +61 7 5539 8751
Email: [email protected]

For delivery Australia wide.

Armour Thyroid is available, without a prescription, through www.internationalpharmacy.com.

Ray Peat, PhD, one of my favourite scientists, is respected worldwide as an expert on the thyroid gland. Unlike most of his colleagues, he is corporate-neutral, and unafraid to tell the truth about Big Medicine. We have a copy of one of his Newsletter article’s on thyroid health. It is essential reading for anyone who has problems with this pesky little gland. Please click here to read it, and if you are game, take it to your doctor and try to educate him/her.

One last thought – Dr Peat’s informative Newsletter, can be ordered at [email protected]. His website is http://raypeat.com/articles.

Here’s to your health!

Elaine Hollingsworth

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