Don’t be Railroaded into a Hysterectomy
Symptoms Can be Cleared After a Few Weeks on a Good Diet

By Elaine Hollingsworth
Hysterectomies only serve one useful purpose: enriching surgeons. Heavy, painful, clot-filled periods are easily explained: junk in, junk out. In other words, when women eat and drink junk, the uterus, which nature designed to be an organ of reproduction, becomes an organ of elimination. Putrid wastes that have collected through the previous month are suddenly released in a torrent of blood. What should be a normal, scant flow can become a haemorrhage, as poisons are eliminated. 

Women who dramatically improve their diets find, to their amazement, that their periods immediately become light and painless. If they continue eating well, they will never suffer from problem periods again, will have no PMT, and will experience an easy menopause. Even fibroids, so common today, melt away when a good diet is followed religiously, provided oestrogen is discontinued and the right kind of natural progesterone is used. But be warned: those who continue their bad habits are courting cancer. Wait too long, ladies, and hysterectomy may be your only option.

It is a crime against the female sex that medical schools (financed by drug companies) do not teach proper nutrition.

If they did, physicians would teach women how to avoid turning their bodies into garbage disposals, and hysterectomies would be a relic of the past.

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