Have You Been Touched By Cancer?

Statistically, life expectancy of untreated cancer patients is greater than treated ones.”

Hardin Jones, MD, Former President of the American Cancer Society

You have mutating cells in your body all the time, and the only thing standing between you and full-blown cancer is your immune system. If it is strong, it acts as a scavenger and nips abnormal cells in the bud, day after day, year after year, just as long as you look after yourself properly. If you don’t keep your immune system in top form, it will eventually collapse under the onslaught of junk food, drugs, tobacco and excessive alcohol.
The next step may be a diagnosis of cancer, and if the cancer industry gets hold of you, chemotherapy and radiation will polish off what is left of your immune system, and your chances of ever being well again will be slender.

In Western countries, oncologists (cancer specialists) are forbidden by law to recommend any natural therapies. Only the Big Three (Radiation, Chemotherapy and Surgery) are allowed; and this in spite of their dismal track record. Your best hope is to prevent this disaster from overwhelming you. If it is already too late, then the answer is thorough detoxification to allow your body to heal itself, followed by a lifetime healthful regimen. Cancer is a wake up call to alert people that, like alcoholics, they must be forever vigilant. Slip back into old habits and cancer cells will be re-activated.

When the American Cancer Society (ACS) was founded in 1913 (for the purpose of eradicating cancer) the cancer rate was one in one hundred people. In spite of, or more likely because of, ACS’s activities, the cancer rate is now one in three, and rising. This is not a good outcome from such a well-funded organization, and is not surprising, considering what Hardin Jones, MD, said when he resigned as its President: “If a cancer cure suddenly appeared, there would be a rash of suicides as ACS executives jumped out of windows.”

Do you reckon this is the reason the ACS, aided and abetted by the US Government, pharmaceutical companies and medical associations have devoted their vast resources and power to discredit every non-toxic cancer cure that has been discovered since then?

Nonetheless, due to its blinkered and uncompromising policy, the ACS has effectively forced millions of Americans to seek safe therapies in other countries, where medical freedom is permitted, and the cruel poison-mutilate-radiate’cures’ so beloved of conventional oncologists are not obligatory.