There is Good News

But First the Bad News:

1.  Much of our food is genetically modified. Soon all our food will be contaminated, and this will be the result:

The growths on these rats are tumours

The French Government uncovered the terrifying truth — genetically modified food causes cancer.

Governments in the rest of the world are too ignorant or corrupt to take action. 

The evil Monsanto Corporation claims GM foods need fewer pesticides and are safe. Do you believe them?

2. Many of our frozen vegetables are grown in China, shipped to New Zealand to be re-packaged — often labelled “organic” — and shipped to unsuspecting Australians. 

3. Our research has turned up frightening facts about supermarket food that is far too lengthy to put in this newsletter. You can ask supermarkets for details about their suppliers, but don’t expect full disclosure.

4. Perhaps the worst news of all is supply; we grow, thanks to Australia’s corrupt, stupid government policies, very little of our own food. We depend upon imports. When and if international chaos comes, food will be in short supply.

Now for the Good News:

You can grow your own quality organic food simply, efficiently and economically. Stay tuned and we’ll show you how we are doing it, with photographs.

We Are Still Mad As Hell