We have received some interesting emails in response to our newsletter about poisonous Chinese cottons. As an example, read what Anne Hills had to say about her experience with cotton undies from Best and Less. This fits right in with the terrible hives I got from a Best and Less nightie. (Click here to read my story.)

Hi, I’ve just read the article about formaldehyde in clothing and I’m fuming! About 6 months ago I purchased several pairs of cotton undies from Best and Less. They were cheap but very comfortable. I always wash all new clothing separately and hang everything in the sun to dry. At some stage after wearing the new clothing, I developed a rash in the “Ladies Department”. Since I’ve always been prone to Candida, I assumed it was a flare up and treated it as usual. However, this is not internal thrush, but external and so extremely itchy that I sometimes feel I’ll go mad. I’ve tried so many creams and anti-fungals that the bathroom looks like a chemist shop! It became so raw and painful that I finally saw a Dr. who wanted to give me hormone cream. I left there in desperation. I don’t want to use some synthetic cream and risk an even worse problem. 

After reading the article about the chemicals in clothing, the light bulb went on! I checked, and sure enough, every pair of undies says, you’ve guessed it! “Made in China” I feel sick that this has been going on for nearly 6 months. The undies must have each been washed dozens of times but the rash persists. No prizes for guessing where the undies ended up but it’s hard to find anything now that does not come from China. Even though I have stopped wearing the offending articles, I’m still having problems and I wonder how long it will take to leave my body.

Thank you for writing the article, I hope my story will help someone else.

Anne Hills
Sunshine Healing Haven
Kalbar, QLD

This article came across my desk today: “Poison Blanket Recall”. Click here to read.

We have decided to take this matter on as a crusade, because people are in serious danger from Chinese manufacturing methods. For example, a friend bought a pair of shoes that were so poisoned after having them on for 5 minutes his feet swelled alarmingly and a bad rash appeared. This is serious! Our government is not protecting us from these dangerous imports and something has to be done about it.

If you or anyone you know has had reactions to Chinese clothes please email us with your story. We are going to be dedicating a portion of our website to this important cause. The word has to get out.

Please send this to everyone you know.