Artificial Sweeteners in “Diet” Drinks and Food Turn to Formaldehyde in Your Body

and cause 92 life-threatening diseases

BEWARE EXCITOTOXINS! They kill — sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Ingested long-term, they will shorten even the strongest person’s life. Excitotoxins are chemicals that stimulate the neurons in the brain to excessive firing, which then fatigues them, leading to serious diseases. 

The major widely-used excitotoxins are: 



Aspartame and all other artificial sweeteners

MSG: Most adults already know about the dangers of this additive, and “Chinese restaurant syndrome”, but few are aware that most manufactured food contains it, in disguised form. 

For example, the US government permits manufacturers to omit this unpopular additive from their labels unless the product contains 100% MSG! The Australian Government permits all excitotoxins to be disguised as “natural flavourings”, and many other euphemisms which sound benign, but are deadly for susceptible persons. All English-speaking countries are the same and for the same reason: GOVERNMENTS VALUE MULTINATIONAL PROFITS ABOVE THE HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE WHO ELECT THEM. THEY PROTECT MANUFACTURERS AT OUR EXPENSE. SO WATCH OUT! 

HVP: (Hydrolyzed vegetable protein.) Our warm and wonderful food processors have known for decades that this neurotoxin is incredibly dangerous, yet have added it to baby food for many years. 

According to prestigious American neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, this nervous system poison causes developmental brain defects that produce behavioural problems and learning difficulties in children, and can contribute to violent behaviour later in life. Governments have been warned about this for years, yet continue their cozy relationship with the poisoners. HVP is made from junk vegetables boiled in acid, then neutralised with caustic soda. The end product is a brown sludge that is high in three excitotoxins — cystolic acid, glutamate and aspartate. Thanks to the FDA, the TGA and other so-called food watchdogs, it is in most processed foods, and is rarely on labels. EAT IT AT YOUR RISK!

ASPARTAME: The chemical aspartame (marketed as NutraSweet™ and Equal™, among other names) is in most diet foods, and is known as an “excitotoxin”, a substance added to foods that literally stimulates neurons to death, causing brain damage of varying degrees. The best way to understand NutraSweet™ is to think of it as a minute nerve gas that eradicates brain and nerve function.

Depending upon susceptibility, these toxins can cause, contribute to, or aggravate 92 different diseases! Airline pilots in the U.S. have been instructed never to eat or drink anything containing NutraSweet, as it can cause seizures, with catastrophic results. Ironically, artificial sweeteners are not even a help for dieters: it has been amply documented that aspartame turns to formaldehyde in the body and stores in fat cells, particularly on the hips and thighs, and is extremely hard to dislodge. Not a pretty picture.

The Shame File – Why would the Creche and Kindergarten Association condone feeding aspartame to impressionable children? Read my OPEN LETTER to these people.


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