Oswald Rentsch, founder and worldwide leader of The Original Bowen Technique, has this to say about Elaine's CD, ESCAPE THE CANCER MAFIA... 


Escape the Cancer Mafia is a groundbreaking piece of work, a life-saving hour of self-help no one should be without. There would be very few who have not been affected, in some way, by the devastating effects of cancer. Escape the Cancer Mafia will give you the knowledge you need to do just that - escape oncologists' waiting rooms, knives and chemotherapy. The information in this CD is a blueprint for cancer-proofing your body. As we always counsel, prevention is the key, because once you have cancer, "The Cancer Mafia" as Elaine dubs them, takes over, and few survive.

If you have an hour to invest in listening to Elaine's CD, you will learn about eight substances that are guaranteed to make your immune system so strong that it will be empowered to destroy all abnormal cells, long before they can become cancerous. All are widely available and inexpensive.

There is more, of course. Elaine exposes governments who permit thousands of cancer agents in our food supply, and explains how easily they can be identified and inexpensively replaced. She even lists all the substances we can use to avoid radiation dangers from medical x-rays and the nuclear madness governments have knowingly exposed us to.

We believe that everyone needs to be made aware of Elaine's evidence-based material that exposes the greed and deceit of those purporting to address health problems."

Oswald H. RentschD.O., A.R.M.T. (Bach), Dip.Hom.Ion.                                      Director, BOWTECH, The Original Bowen Technique

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Elaine Hollingsworth

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