Are You Eating Your Way to Health or Sickness?

The solution to adopting a healthful, life-lengthening diet lies not in having shelves of recipe books, but in adopting principles and sticking to them for the rest of your life. Strict rules need to be followed; they are simple to understand, but not easy to implement, because temptation is everywhere. The world is full of convenience foods, but these foods come with little nutritional value and ingredients that adversely affect your health.

Food is Your Fuel

Vegetables are the foundation of a great diet, and are important to every facet of health, including cancer prevention. A healthful diet can help you avoid, control, and sometimes even reverse chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Bad food choices will strike down some people quickly, while others are able to defy the odds for years. But no one can get away with ignoring the laws of nature long-term; there are no completely healthy people living on the conventional diet.

Some more minor effects of bad nutrition include: Dental caries, thin hair, approaching baldness, acne, allergies, headaches, impaired vision, constipation and so on.

It is essential that your body receives, and is able to process, enough nutrients daily. If you don’t eat throughout the day, your body will go into a ‘starvation’ state. In this state, your body will store every calorie that you do eat, and not utilise the nutrients efficiently. You will have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight and feeling well if you do not eat small amounts frequently during the day. Food is fuel for the body, and without filling the tank, the body will not run properly.


If you are not well-hydrated, you can and will perceive thirst as hunger. This will lead you to eat more than you need to in a day. If you find yourself hungry between meals, you are probably not well-hydrated or your diet is not balanced. Avoid drinks that contain calories or sugar.

Read Food Labels

Check the labels on your food. Avoid foods that are high in sugar or high fructose corn syrup. If you eat too many carbs and not enough healthy fats and protein, you will find yourself tired and hungry between meals. Healthy fats include foods such as avocados, nuts, and coconut oil. Fats and proteins give you a more consistent release of energy throughout the day, while carbs metabolise into sugar and leave you feeling tired soon after eating.

The secret is to Keep It Simple. You will discover such improvements in wellbeing that your efforts will be rewarded. The trick is to forget about fancy recipes and stick to the principles of safe food preparation. And don’t forget:

No soy
No sugar
No grains
No fried or barbecued food
No microwaved food
No dairy
No polyunsaturated oils
No artificial sweeteners
No processed foods
No poisoned water
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