Anonymous “Dr Baz” Maligns Elaine Hollingsworth

Fourteen years after first publishing “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry” (and selling more than one million copies worldwide), Elaine Hollingsworth has attracted a voluble new critic: a “Dr Baz”, who has chosen to not reveal his/her proper name or address. 

“Dr Baz” has sent the following email. We’ve published it for you verbatim, complete with grammatical errors. The email illuminates the dictatorial mentality of medical orthodoxy, and we trust you’ll find it both amusing and edifying. 

* * *
From: B AH [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, 20 August 2014 11:52 AM 
Subject: Aldara and your website 

Dear Ms. Hollingsworth, 

I am a young Australian Doctor who has dedicated the entirety of my adult life to learning everything I can about the human body and the diseases that affect it, in order to help the sick. You seem like a very dedicated woman also. You more-then-likely understand the time and effort that this kind of commitment takes; the sacrifice it takes. I spent hundreds of nights “pulling all-nighters” studying for upcoming exams, ate bananas and celery most days because I couldn’t work during my university days and the rent used up most of my student benefits. After the ordeal of medical school, the emotional and physical stress didn’t stop – I barely got to see my own family, while I regularly worked 80-100 hour weeks helping strangers and their families. Despite all this; when I am able to help a fellow human being, using the skills and knowledge I have been taught, and see the gratitude in the faces of my patients, I am reassured in the fact that my sacrifices have not been in vain.
I have worked with some of the greatest physicians in the world. All of whom have gone through the same ordeal and made the same sacrifices I made (and then some). Nothing in this world has saddened and disheartened me more than when I stumbled onto your website “”. I had a read through most of your articles and materials online. With every page I found harder and harder to believe that a (presumably) fellow Australian had these views.  

Not only are your views maliciously and erroneously alarmist, but you actually claim to be absolutely determined to bring down the industry. An industry of people who work tirelessly to ensure your continued survival and quality of life. The first emotion I had was obvious anger. But after reading some more, my anger turned to pity and sorrow.
For every one of your “testimonials” of people who had reactions to medication and have been consequently disillusioned by modern medicine, I have two other ACTUAL testimonials of people who read websites like yours, took their advice and ignored their doctors, and ended up having to deal with irreversible consequences. 
You should be utterly ashamed of yourself. It’s easy to have one bad experience, get angry at the doctors who treated you and start a hate-filled website about it (I am referencing your experiences with Aldara). But did you even consider the consequences of your actions? That hundreds or even thousands of people would read your story and be influenced? And that that influence may actually lead to harm? 

Truth be told, all you had was a run-of-the-mill allergic reaction. They happen everyday to every body. If we stopped using medications because of them, we’d end up right back in the dark ages where people died from simple skin infections and mosquito bites. Answer me this: if one day you’re driving around and you have a car accident, heaven forbid. You’re unconcious and bleeding. An ambulance is called and you’re taken to hospital. You’re given antibiotics for the open cuts, fluids for the blood loss, various assortment of specialised drugs to keep your heart beating, undergo imaging procedures to find broken bones….ALL THESE THINGS WERE MADE BY THE VERY SAME “BIG PHARMA” COMPANIES YOU ACCUSE OF TRYING TO KILL PEOPLE WITH ALDARA. At what point do you admit to yourself that what you’re doing is wrong and you draw a line? Would you stand by your convictions and refuse to go to hospital if you were seriously hurt? I’m betting not.  

These quotes were taken from your site: This one refers to a doctor who has been deregistered in Australia for being a disgrace to the system:  

“But the connection is there, as prominent Gold Coast cancer specialist, Dr Michael Tait, says: ‘In my opinion, based on my observations and research, Aldara should be classified as a criminally dangerous material if used on any open or potentially open skin area.’”  

These two contradict each other completely:  

“You are not home free if you used Aldara on your body, rather than on your face. It is just more dangerous on the face, and more dangerous if you are elderly.” 

Legal Disclaimer: The products, articles and other content on are not offered for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease or disorder, nor have any statements herein been evaluated by any government agencies. Said content is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your health care professional with regard to matters pertaining to your health.

I am going to report you to any government body who will listen. I will not rest until I see you shut down and exposed as the lying, misinformed, malcontent that you are.  

Baz – a very concerned Australian doctor.   
* * *

We haven’t replied to “Dr Baz”. Were we to do so, we would simply respond “BRING IT ON!” 
We do encourage you to make your feelings known to “Dr Baz”, the media, and your political “representatives”. You may reach “Dr Baz”: [email protected]

Yours in Health Freedom,

The “Doctors Are Dangerous” Team