Does Your Diet Keep You Healthy?

Most food in Western countries is sadly depleted in nutrients. Even though many people overeat on a regular basis, they can still be malnourished. Check any supermarket trolley, and you will see that it mostly consists of processed foods, devoid of any real nutritional value. Nutritional deficiency can go unnoticed indefinitely, resulting in chronic disease.

When the body is low in essential nutrients it cannot fight off disease. The immune system cannot function as it is designed to, toxins build up and disease gradually takes over the body. Many attribute the resulting illnesses to ageing instead of examining how the body has been cared for prior to illness. The next step usually involves drugs to alleviate symptoms, further adding to toxins in the body.

The first thing to do to improve and maintain health is to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to do the work of internal cleansing and rebuilding.

Nutritional deficiency is a major problem in modern society. Misguided by food industry lies, people fail to recognise that a typical Western diet can only lead to ill health and disease. Manufactured foods do not provide the body with the nutrients needed to remove toxins. Instead, they accelerate degeneration of the body.

Our bodies need almost ninety different nutrients in order to maintain optimal health. These nutrients include water, amino acids (from protein), fatty acids (from dietary fats), carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. When these nutrients are lacking in our diet, new cells either cannot be made or are constructed with what poor materials are available, which may make resulting molecules nonfunctional or even deadly.

Feeding the body on chemically altered foods has a negative effect on the cellular functioning of the body. Disease will always be the result. Giving your body clean, healthy, nutrient-dense natural food will provide it with the building blocks it needs to make healthy cells.

By eliminating processed, nutritionally deficient foods from your diet and replacing them with natural nutrient-dense food, the body will be able to create new healthy cells.

Do you want to be a product of wholesome fruits and vegetables – – or potato chips, soft drinks and hot dogs?