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The Australasian Society of Oral Medicine and Toxicology

ASOMAT is a non-profit professional organisation of dentists and doctors, whose purpose is to promote concepts of bio-compatible dentistry which are supported by scientific, peer reviewed research. These concepts encompass a more holistic view of dentistry than does the traditional model. ASOMAT promotes mercury-free dentistry, as well as other safe methods of restoration. Some of the Australian members are listed on this page. For further enquiries contact: ASOMAT P O Box A860, Sydney South, NSW 1235 Ph: (02) 9867-1111 Fax: (02) 9283-2230

Overseas, the equivalent of ASOMAT is the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology – IAOMT – with branches in many countries: To find a qualified natural dentist search the internet.

The world’s foremost authority on the dangers of toxic dental materials is Colorado dentist, Dr. Hal Huggins, who developed protocols for the safe removal of these toxins.  He has campaigned tirelessly for the past thirty years to make people aware of the serious health risks from materials such as mercury, nickel and root canal treatments.  A growing number of dentists world-wide are now practicing bio-compatible dentistry based on the Huggins protocol.

Finding a dentist who can remove amalgam (mercury) fillings and root canals and replace them with safe, biocompatable materials is a challenge.  Many do ‘half a job’ and make patients worse.  Dr. Huggins says that over 60% of people who have amalgam fillings removed without following the correct protocol become sicker.  It’s vitally important that you educate yourself so you can choose the right dentist.  The Huggins Applied Healing Protocol for Amalgam Removal and Dental Revision can be downloaded from, together with comprehensive information about toxic dental materials and how to avoid them.  

Bio-compatible dentist Robert Gammal has produced two excellent DVDs, titled Quecksilber and Rooted, that graphically describe the dangers of amalgam fillings and root canal treatments.  These DVDs can be purchased at [email protected]

Because of thousands of complaints about damage done to our readers by dentists, we have recently formed an Association called D.I.V.A (Dental Incompetence Victims Association). It costs nothing to join – all we ask from members is to tell your story, name the offending dentists (they cannot harm you any more than they already have) and give us details of what has happened to you.  We will take steps to stop these outrages, and need a large membership to counteract the Australian Dental Association, which exists only to protect dentists against people they have damaged. Also, we need to bring out the truth about dental insurance companies. Or company. Shockingly, there is just one insurance company for dentists, and if a dentist dares testify against an incompetent dentist, his insurance company will cancel his insurance. Worse, the insurance company sometimes pressures dentists to perjure themselves in court to protect another dentist. What chance do we have? Only by organizing.  JOIN US AND FIGHT BACK!

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