You probably know by now that Queensland’s new Premier, Anna Bligh, has hopped on the sodium fluoride bandwagon “for the good of our children.” It is not possible that she does not know the truth about this industrial waste product. They all do!

Years ago, when I was naive, I actually thought that if I could just look a politician in the eyes and tell him exactly how poisonous sodium fluoride is, he would see the light, thank me for the information, and take action to get it out of our water. Then I learned that the politicians and the dental associations know exactly how dangerous sodium fluoride is, but are dependent upon the money their masters, Big Pharma, dole out. They don’t care about us, but they do care about staying in power, so we are writing Anna Bligh, and telling her that if she forces this down our throats, literally, we will devote all of our energies to getting her out of office when she is up for re-election. We hope that all of you in Queensland will do the same, for the sake of our health.

Remember this — There are only two possible reasons for a politician to force citizens to drink and bathe in fluoridated water — abysmal ignorance or utter corruption. Take your pick. They are both terrible traits for anyone in power to possess.

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Yours in good health,

Elaine Hollingsworth

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