Bring Out the Best in YOU!


 Get your dietary act together

Eat according to the rules in, “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry”.   If you don’t have it, then eat the way you know, in your heart of hearts, is healthful.   That means no junk food, no sugar and no burned food.   Keep your grain consumption low, and your raw vegetab le consumption high.   If you must snack, let it be on fresh fruit and nuts, not crisps and sugared treats.   

Get off the couch and get outside

Swim, cycle, or walk in good shoes.  If weather forbids, rebound or walk smartly in place. Start slowly and work up to a brisk pace and then don’t mosey – strolling doesn’t count. Get cracking!

Drink at least two litres of filtered water each day

Yes, it’s boring, but do it!  Set up a routine, with a bottle of water on your desk or wherever you can’t forget about it. You’ll flush out toxins and your complexion will love you for it.

Get off drugs

Almost all drugs are unnecessary, once poor diet is corrected, but you may have to get professional help to “kick” them. Our drug culture is wrecking the health, and stealing the lives of those who buy into it. Get them out of your life and watch as your health improves. Your doctor may not approve but, hey, it’s your body. 

Sleep well

It is impossible to overemphasise the importance of sound sleep. It is best to go to bed no later than 10pm, and to share your bed with a good book, rather than with a stressful partner. Difficult people are toxic to your health, and if you have them in your life, do your utmost to change the way you interact with them.  


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