Vanuatu Ginger Testimonials

We introduced Vanuatu Ginger powder (Zingiber Zerumbet-Smith, for help with hair loss) to you only a few months ago. Since then, we have received hundreds of letters and emails telling us of a number of other improvements that users have noticed.

Have you observed similar or other changes, as well? Please share your experiences with us. 

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The most astonishing report we have received has come from a reliable source in Vanuatu. The little girl concerned suffered meningitis when she was 12 months old. The doctors had told her parents there was nothing more they could do for her. She is now three years old. We were informed that two weeks ago her parents started including Vanuatu Ginger Powder in her diet. They sent us the pictures below.

8th October, 2013                  10th October, 2013                                23rd October, 2013

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To illustrate the power of the web — a few weeks after our first bulletin about Vanuatu Ginger appeared, an American manufacturer arrived in Vanuatu to get on the band wagon. It’s reported that they seemed unconcerned about proper soil and drying procedures. We fear that “cowboys” such as these will damage the reputation of this wonderful herb.

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We recommend this excellent documentary from  the ABC-TV “Catalyst” program.  Elaine’s readers know that she has condemned the orthodox medical propaganda on “low cholesterol” for many years. The Heart of the Matter: Dietary Villains m