By Elaine Hollingsworth
Please don’t believe the scurrilous stories printed in the newspapers, or the lies parroted on television.   As usual, the media has it all wrong:  they are blatantly colluding with Big Medicine, Big Pharma and Big Government.  
Dr Michael Tait has been an outspoken advocate for the humane treatment of cancer victims for decades.  He has shown great courage, going against the hugely profitable, hidebound, money-oriented, slash-burn-radiate protocols endorsed by Big Medicine.   He has helped hundreds of desperately ill people, including myself.  
Four years ago, when an “accepted” doctor poisoned me with an “accepted” skin cancer “cure”,  I nearly died, and Dr Tait was there for me.  I knew that the combination of intravenous vitamin C and magnesium would help.  All of the health professionals I respected endorsed this therapy. But most conventional doctors  (the ones governments protect) refused to administer it then.  They even agitated to de-register the few doctors who were willing to give it to their patients…. But Dr Tait defied them, and helped save my life.  He saved many other lives, too, people who had been given up by Cancer Incorporated, and he did this without poisoning their bodies with toxic chemicals.   And he did it for a very fair price – cheaper than most.   I was a witness to this, time after time.    
Dr Tait was warned by a colleague, who had been so badly persecuted by his peers and the Medical Board that his wife committed suicide, that he should watch his back because “they will get you.”    And they did:  He paid a heavy price for his courage.  The authorities crucified him for daring to challenge their cruel, and unsuccessful methods of treating cancer which, in many cases, are an expensive, painful form of assisted suicide.   They “got” him:  Big Medicine and Big government joined forces and, combined with a docile media, mounted a shocking campaign of vilification.  It was all lies, half-truths, and more lies.  I was utterly disgusted, but not surprised, as I watched the media try to destroy a fine doctor. 
His practice has been raided by both police and Queensland Health; he has been condemned for giving patients a vastly improved quality of life with Growth Hormone, and bio-identical hormones; his peers have condemned him for having the audacity to seek a cause and treat the cause, and the Medical Board have labelled him a maverick – a title he is proud to wear.  The final incredible accusation is that he had the audacity to give his patients HOPE!  
He has even been told that he can no longer call himself a doctor, but his defiant attitude is that he was born a doctor, will always be a doctor, so will always call himself a doctor.  This is incidental to the fact that he has a PhD in medical research. 
Dr Michael Tait resigned from medical practice in March of 2009, but remains a Healer and a “Medical Broker”.   He coined this term to explain that he is available as a sounding board (something we all need!); to review other doctor’s investigations; and to recommend the right medical approach for individuals.    One of the things that most concerned him was that a high percentage of his patients had developed their symptoms many years before they were diagnosed.    But they had been fobbed off as neurotic and had been poorly investigated.    I have  heard this complaint hundreds of times during my years as Director of Hippocrates Health Centre, and it’s just not good enough!     How many times have “accepted” doctors treated you this way?  
When Dr Tait and I spoke recently, he was his usual cheerful self, and still defiant.  He said the following, which I quote:  “When the freedom for people to decide for themselves what they want is removed, when doctors are no longer allowed to seek the truth and search for alternatives, when central control of everything we do is absolute, then that is the day when we have totally lost our freedom, and the ability to progress.”    Right on, Dr Tait!
One by one, all of our freedoms are being eroded.  Worldwide, governments are demonising doctors who practice natural medicine.   They are trying to ban most nutritional products, and soon the only vitamins permitted will be synthetic, and of such low dosages that they will be useless.  Governments are even trying to ban organic farming!  Unless a miracle intervenes, the established powers will get their way and people will be so sick that they will be driven to drugs.