Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a truly free, harmonious society — in which we all have abundant safe, natural products, and medical advice we can trust implicitly?  Unfortunately, this isn’t possible, because our planet has become dominated by evil multinational corporations that have stealthily gained control of governments and media, and have thoroughly corrupted our medical system.

These purveyors of sickness and death have remained unexposed, because history’s legendary “crusading journalists” — who once courageously defied established wealth and power — are a thing of the past. Freedom of the (mainstream) press, in the 21st century, belongs to those who own one. The Internet is now the only medium capable of disseminating truth.  This is why we have spent the past five years making a feature-length DVD: ONE ANSWER TO CANCER.

ONE ANSWER TO CANCER is about two cancer salves.  One, known as Aldara, doesn’t cure, and has even killed.  Yet, it is still legally and enthusiastically prescribed by doctors, and even subsidized by our tax dollars.  Aldara nearly killed Elaine, after she put a small amount on a tiny skin cancer.  She has never recovered, nor have thousands of other victims.  This is an unspeakable crime.

The corrupt physicians who have prescribed Aldara for financial gain, and the multinational, 3M, who released and promoted it (while knowing it can kill), must be stopped before millions are maimed and die. ONE ANSWER TO CANCER names names, and pulls no punches. 

The other cancer salve, known traditionally as Black Salve, is safe and effective, and has never harmed anyone, in thousands of years of use.  Yet it is illegal, and is suppressed by governments.  Why?  You know the reason: Big Pharma will lose billions in revenue when the power and safety of Black Salve becomes widely known. 

ONE ANSWER TO CANCER  is packed full of amazing testimonials by people who have reclaimed their health.  They’ve eliminated invasive breast cancers – deadly Ewing’s Sarcoma – terminal thyroid and bowel cancer – and an array of skin cancers, even large melanomas. In their interviews they describe exactly how they used Black Salve, and have even generously included startling before and after photos.

The best news of all:ONE ANSWER TO CANCER will show you precisely how to make life-saving Black Salve for yourself and your loved ones, so you can escape the sickness industry.

Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Medicine will hate ONE ANSWER TO CANCER, but we’ve done it anyway.  They would love to stop the power of the truth, but the truth is….. they can’t.  At least, not yet.

The information in this DVD could save your life. It could save the lives of countless others as well, so please forward this email to as many people as possible.
Help us beat the b_ _ _ _ _ _ s!

Yours in good health

Elaine Hollingsworth

Disclaimer: The recommendations in this e-zine are based on research and personal experiences of the author. Because we are all different, readers are strongly urged to check with qualified health professionals before implementing any suggestions made in this e-zine.

There is always a possibility of risk where matters of health are concerned; therefore, readers should not use this e-zine unless willing to assume that risk.  It is a sign of wisdom to seek second, or third, opinions when making important decisions regarding health.