If you choose to see a herbalist, naturopath or homeopath when you are ill, he/she will look to the cause of your problem and try to rectify it.  A change in habits will be recommended, and the chances are you will improve and not return for a long time.

There is little money to be made with this approach, so natural practitioners rarely live in big houses, belong to country clubs, or drive fancy cars.  Physicians, on the other hand, do, and want to keep it that way. So, how do they do that? By zeroing in on treating symptoms, and ignoring the causes of illnesses. There are several reasons for this — nutrition, unfortunately, is the last thing on their minds. Worse, they know that if they recommend a simple, quick, safe nutritional cure, you won’t return. And even worse than that — many are on the “take” from Big Pharma.

If this seems harsh, bear in mind that we all need to protect ourselves, because sometimes our trusted physicians prescribe drugs that can cause damage you don’t even want to think about: drugs that they wouldn’t dream of taking themselves. Some are so toxic that they can kill quickly. Others do damage in a more leisurely fashion, but all of them will get you in the end.

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