We have received at least 100 emails from people who have been badly affected by poisoned cottons. As much as we would like to, it is impossible to thank everyone personally.

Don’t, however, be shy about sending us your stories: they are an important part of our crusade. If you would like to read a few stories ‘Click here’.

I’ve had a shocking experience I would like to share with you. Because of my concern about the level of toxicity in our clothes, I devoted a day to phoning laboratories, enquiring about testing facilities. All told me it isn’t possible to test a suspected cotton, to find out if it has high levels of formaldehyde, or other poisons. Finally, in frustration, I asked which laboratory the government uses to check Chinese goods at the port. He laughed and told me that they don’t test!

This is NOT good enough!

So, what can you do about this? First, don’t be afraid to return goods that have damaged you. We must alert the stores by hitting them where it hurts most — in the pocket. Support safe cottons, and alert your friends by sending them to this page on our website: https://doctorsaredangerous.com/chinesehazard

Please join us and keep the ball rolling.