Elaine is outraged that the strongest intravenous antibiotics are now being used for urinary tract infections. This is totally unnecessary, because the antibiotics doctors usually prescribe do incalculable harm and drive the infection deeper.  D-Mannose (a naturally occurring sugar) banishes these painful infections inexpensively, safely and naturally. We highly recommend this superb product. You can find a reliable source here:

To give you an idea how serious this situation is, see this headline from the Gold Coast Bulletin :

  Bug Plague Will Beat Antibiotics” 

The world is on the verge of a plague of antibiotic-resistant infections, with superbugs, normally associated with hospitals, now being acquired in the community. Doctors warn that superbugs could result in a modern day Black Death (already dubbed the Red Plague, because it shows up red under microscopes). This overuse of antibiotics extends to animals and global food production. Powerful intravenous antibiotics are now being used for the simplest infections, even urinary tract infections, placing medical advances, critical care, organ transplants & joint replacement surgeries under serious threat.”

For more information on Urinary Tract Infections, see Chapter 10, “Hormonal Havoc” in “Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry”.  Alternatively, “Hormonal Havoc” can be purchased as an Ebook for only $5. This chapter also includes information on Endometriosis, Fibroid Tumours, Uterine Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Fibromyalgia, Menstrual Irregularities, Vaginitis, Ovarian cysts and Incontinence.

As always, we need to think for ourselves. This is not easy, due to the enormous amount of propaganda we are exposed to every day. Escaping the sickness industry and taking control of our own health is the only hope we have to save our lives, and the lives of our families. If we leave it to Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Government we’ll all be dead, or half-dead in a nursing home, before our time.

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