Elaine has stated recently that she does not trust Alpha Omega Labs. Many people have asked us why. We hope the following will explain this...

The internet is a marvellous tool, but it has a downside. It is a perfect vehicle for character-assassins, such as Catherine and Greg Caton, to flourish, destroying the reputations of honest people, who have no recourse in the Courts.   Mr and Mrs Caton are on a campaign to put 84-year-old Elaine Hollingsworth in prison in Australia, where it is illegal to sell Cansema (Black Salve).  Elaine recommends Black Salve, but has NEVER made or sold it, and never will, but this does not stop these unscrupulous people from going on a campaign against her.

A little history: Elaine retired from business at 40, in order to devote the rest of her life to researching natural health, and to warn the world about the dangers in drugs and in the food supply.  Her motivation is exposing Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Government, not money.  Because of this, she has kept the price of her world-wide best selling book so low that it barely breaks even. We sell a few carefully selected items, at low prices, in order to pay us, her support team.   This helps defray a few costs, but she still loses money each year.      

Because Elaine was horribly damaged seven years ago by the so-called skin cancer cure Aldara, she has been on a crusade to stop its sale, and to recommend the safe alternative, Black Salve. In order to get the message out, we financed (at a financial loss) a full-length documentary, ONE ANSWER TO CANCER.  It contains lots of interviews with people who have been damaged by Aldara, and with people who have used Black Salve with great success, on skin cancer, breast cancer, etc.   The documentary shows people exactly how to make their own Black Salve, and when the Catons discovered this, they went on a devastating crusade against Elaine, probably because they wanted a monopoly on their sales of Black Salve/Cansema.  

Probably the worst thing they are doing to Elaine is to claim that she is selling a counterfeit version of Cansema. We absolutely do not sell this product, and if we did, Elaine would be subject to prison. The Catons know this, as we have told them that we have nothing to do with the product. Yet, they knowingly continue placing Elaine at risk with this blatant lie, and we think it is a shocking thing to do to someone her age, and in her fragile state.

Elaine does recommend Black Salve, and was linking people to Australian Bevan Potter, who was selling a perfectly-formulated version, until the Australian government shut him down. The Catons are also savaging this fine man, who is enormously popular and influential in Australia. We respect Bevan enormously: he devotes his life to helping people, and he does not deserve the terrible treatment the Catons have meted out to him. For up-to-date information on Bevan, go to: http://doctorsaredangerous.com/bevan-potter

In spite of the Catons’ personal attacks, Elaine and Bevan have never responded in kind, but now it is time to fight back!  We think that no one should be subject to internet character assassination, where they have no way to defend themselves. We hope you agree.

When people ask us why we do not recommend Alpha Omega Labs we tell them the following:  they have lied about Elaine, placing her at risk of prison; they have been pushing thoroughly discredited soy products for decades; they sell supplements that are genetically modified.  Would you trust them?

Elaine, Teresa, Margaret, Chris, Helen


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