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We get hundreds of phone calls from people complaining that their doctors won’t listen to them when they need help desperately. Up until now our hands have been tied because Naturopaths have limited capabilities. They are legally unable to prescribe hormones when they are needed, they cannot offer intravenous vitamin C, and they are not qualified to give complex medical advice.

Finally all of these problems have been solved – Hippocrates Health Centre’s Naturopath Sarah Franklin has come to the rescue. This young woman has a string of qualifications that makes her the perfect person to solve your health worries. To name just a few, Sarah does live blood analysis, is a registered nurse, is able to give intravenous vitamin C under a doctors’ instruction when it is needed, and has worked extensively with oncology patients.

Sarah does phone and email consultations.
Contact her at 07 5599 1339 or email
Or visit her website



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